Who is Scott Kevin Fairlamb? Biography, Wiki, Age, Punched A Cop, Arrested, Charges Details

Scott Kevin Fairlamb Bio/Wiki

Scott Kevin Fairlamb, of Stockholm, New Jersey, was arrested on multiple charges on Friday for his suspected wrongdoing during the January 6 U.S. Capitol riots.


He is 43 years old.


He faces charges of attacking a federal officer on Capitol grounds, civil disturbance, aggressive entry, carrying a hazardous firearm, and disorderly conduct.

Fairlamb’s brother Preston, meanwhile, headed the service detail of Michelle Obama as Barack Obamas served two presidential terms from 2009 to 2017, reported the news outlet.

According to the paper, the former first lady also attended the MAGA rioter’s father and his agent’s brother’s memorial service.


Fairlamb was caught, according to a criminal complaint, on camera shooting and punching an officer on the west side of the Capitol, hitting him in the head at one point. The gym member, who was holding a collapsible baton, shouts in a since-deleted video shared on Fairlamb’s Facebook, “What Patriots do? We fuckin’ disarm them and then we storm fuckin’ the Capitol.”

The Huff Post said that, despite his relationship with his brother, there is “no indication that Preston Fairlamb III – who is listed on LinkedIn as resident agent-in-charge of the Trenton, New Jersey, office of the Secret Service – was aware of his brother’s activities at the Capitol this month.”

An acquaintance told The HuffPost about the past of Scott Fairlamb’s conspiracy theories.

The contact said, “Over the last 8-10 years, Scott got pulled more and more into the conspiracy theory vortex and pushed everything in his life aside for it. Trump’s first campaign set his targets on [Hillary Clinton] and ‘lock her up.’

“Then it moved to QAnon type stuff over the last few years and ultimately resulted in his participation in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

“I feel for his wife, family, employees, and community, but I have zero empathy for him. He’s had too many chances over the years to correct his pattern of bullying behavior ― all while portraying himself as a ‘good guy with a Batman cape’ in his hometown.”

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