Saskia Post (American-Australian actress) Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Children, Filmography, Net Worth, Cause Of Death

Who is Saskia Post? Saskia Post Biography

Saskia Post was an American-Australian Actress whose appearance in the 1986 movie Dogs in Space was best known for her. She died at age 59 on Monday 16 March. Post acted as well as various Australian television series in the 1985 film Bliss and the 1991 film Proof.

Saskia Post Career And Filmography

Saskia got her first television appearance as a Dutch immigrant, Julianna Sleven, in The Sullivans, an Australian drama television series about an ordinary Melbourne middle-class family and the impact World War II had on their lives.

Saskia moved to Melbourne and worked twelve months on the show before leaving in 1984 to take part in the John Duigan movie, One Night Stand, where she played Eva, a Czech-born bank teller. In 1985, Post appeared as daughter of Honey Barbara in the AFI Award-winning film Bliss. This was followed in 1986 with a feature role in the film Dogs in Space by Richard Lowenstein, In the film Post played the part of Anna, Sam’s girlfriend (Michael Hutchence).

She has performed in several Melbourne and Sydney stage productions including Hating Alison Ashley, Salome, Endgrain, Train to Transcendence, Can I Have This Dance?Figures in Glass, Skin and Vincent in Brixton, in Angel Shoes. Post was also a transpersonal art therapist and lecturer.

Saskia Post Earlier Life And Education

She was born in Martinez, California, United States on 1 January 1961. She was an Australian actress of American descent. Saskia was born to parents from the Netherlands, and moved to Australia in 1975.

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Saskia Post Cause Of Death

Saskia Post passed away Monday, March 16, 2020. She is 59 years old and died. She died from complications due to a congenital heart condition at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. Prior to her death, she worked as a teaching assistant at a local primary school in Trentham (a small town in Victoria).

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