Who is Sarah Vilard? Bio, Wiki, Age, Fakes Her Own Wedding To Get Back At Her Ex-Boyfriend Full Details

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Sarah Vilard, a young German woman, claims she staged a fake wedding in order to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. She used social media to share the admission and photos from the “big day.” Nearly two million people have watched the video. She set it to the song “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley.

A woman in Germany staged an extravagant wedding to get revenge on an old flame in a futile effort to make her ex-boyfriend jealous.

With over 2 million views and thousands of shocked comments, a TikTok video of her envious antics has gone viral.


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She is 24 years old.

Fakes Her Own Wedding To Get Back At Her Ex-Boyfriend Full Details

Vilard didn’t skimp on the elaborate stunt. According to the Daily Mail, Vilard rented the Villa Kennedy venue. In Frankfurt, it’s a five-star hotel.

@sarahvilardYup I’m crazy♬ Gnarls Barkley Crazy Stephen Kramer Glickman – Gustavo Rocque

Vilard hasn’t said how much she paid for the spot. However, based on the Villa Kennedy website, it wasn’t cheap. For weddings, the venue charges more than $200 per person. According to The Daily Mail, Vilard hired an actor to play her new husband. She was dressed in what seemed to be a real wedding gown, and the “groom” was dressed well.

They were photographed dancing in front of the venue and holding hands as they walked up a flight of stairs, according to the photographer. Vilard also showed a picture of a friend who was dressed as a bridesmaid.

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Vilard admitted on TikTok that the fake wedding might be considered extravagant. “Yup, I’m crazy,” she wrote in the caption. She included a selfie in the video to show her reflecting on the memory, as well as the words, “Remembering the time when I faked getting married and had a photo shoot to get revenge on my ex.”

According to The Daily Mail, the staged photoshoot took place three months after Vilard and her boyfriend split up. The photos were first posted on Instagram, where Vilard’s ex could see them.

@sarahvilardTiktok deleted my last post so I’ll try again. Bet it was him reporting the post lol. Might take it down in a few hours so I don’t get blocked

♬ Stuck in the Middle – Tai Verdes

She claims that her ex-boyfriend mistook her for a married woman and texted her the next day.

She used TikTok to post the screenshots. He asked Vilard if she had been cheating on him during their relationship and about the “groom” in the texts. In the text chain, Vilard kept the charade going.

She claimed that she met the other man shortly after their breakup and that she had not cheated. According to the New York Post, Vilard’s ex-boyfriend came to her house to speak about the “wedding.”

Vilard said that she didn’t want to speak to her ex and then proceeded to block him on social media. Vilard said she felt “so happy” after the conversation with her ex in the TikTok comments.

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