Who is Sarah Sands? Bio, Wiki, Age, Killed Neighbor Michael Pleasted

Sarah Sands Bio/Wiki

A mother named Sarah Sands in the United Kingdom has reportedly stated that her kid was one of the sicko’s victims after she was convicted of fatally stabbing her neighbor after realizing he was a pedophile.

Sarah Sands, a single mother of five, murdered 77-year-old Michael Pleasted in his east London apartment just weeks after learning of his abuse of young boys.


She is 38 years old.

Why Sarah Sands Killed Her Neighbor?

Before she killed Michael Pleasted, Sarah Sands was spotted with a knife in her hand. (Credit: NYpost)

She was convicted of manslaughter by loss of control in 2015 and sentenced to three and a half years in jail, but an appeals court increased the sentence to seven and a half years because it was “unduly lenient.”

Pleasted had 24 s*x crime convictions extending back over three decades, according to evidence presented during her prosecution. Sands told the Sun that he spent nearly four years in prison before being released, “I did what any mother would do because he did this to my son Bradley, my little boy,”

She added, “I never dreamt I’d be capable. I have no pride in it but at least I know he can’t hurt anyone else. I’m not a bad person but I know I did a bad thing. I’ve never denied that and I’ve been punished,”

Sands continued, “I’d never kill again. I don’t see myself as a murderer, but I don’t regret what I did. I was a mom desperate to protect my children,”

Pleasted’s criminal background was unknown since he had changed his name and his offenses occurred before the s*x offenders register was established, according to the outlet.

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Sands told the Sun, “I had no idea who he really was. How could I? He had lied and changed his name so he could attack kids,”

Who was Michael Pleasted?

Pleasted offered her then-12-year-old son a job in the business where he volunteered in 2014, according to Sands, who thought it would be a nice way for Bradley to earn money.

She told the outlet, “Mick was a role model. I’d take him meals and we’d chat. I had no reason not to trust him. I thought Bradley was safe,”

Sands’ son, on the other hand, quickly lost interest in his employment, and she learned weeks later that Pleasted had been accused of assaulting two children. She said, “I knew the boys. I didn’t doubt a word they said. It was awful. They were 12 — so young,”

“Bradley said nothing had happened to him but he had to give a video statement to the police because he had worked with Mick.”

Bradley reported that he had been molested in November 2014. Sands said, “I found him pulling out his hair, rocking, shaking and crying. He kept saying, ‘I should have told you before — that could have stopped him getting those younger boys,’”

“He was attacked at the shop and his house. I felt sick and heartbroken.”

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