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Sarah Moonshadow Bio/Wiki

Witnesses described their terror as they ran for their lives from a gunman who opened fire on shoppers and staff at a Colorado supermarket.

On Monday, Sarah Moonshadow, a Boulder native, was at the store with her son Nicholas. She told Reuters about the chaos that ensued as bullets flew across the store.


She is 42 years old.

Boulder Shooting Survivor Sarah Moonshadow Describe

Moonshadow said to Reuters, “We were at the checkout, and shots just started going off,”

“And I said, ‘Nicholas get down.’ And Nicholas ducked. And we just started listening and there, just repetitive shots … and I just said, ‘Nicholas, run.’”

The customer recalled attempting to assist a victim who was lying on the sidewalk outside the store. Her son, on the other hand, drew her away from the situation, telling her, “We have to go.” “I couldn’t help anybody,” Moonshadow said, her eyes welling up with tears.

Officers responded to an “active shooter” scenario at the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder just before 3 p.m. local time on Monday. The gunman, however, shot and killed ten people, including Eric Talley, the first officer on the scene. A suspect has been apprehended, though his identity has not been revealed as of this writing.

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According to the Guardian, the mass shooting occurred just days after another gunman killed eight people, including six Asian women, at three-day spas in Atlanta.

Ryan Borowski, a customer who was inside the store when the shooting began, told CNN, “I saw terrified faces running towards me and that’s when I turned and ran the other direction,”

According to him, employees were assisting customers in exiting the store from the back, but some people became frozen at the scene. He added, “We ran and I don’t know why other people didn’t and I am sorry that they froze and I just wish that this didn’t happen – I wish I had an answer for why it did,.”

Alex Arellano, 35, was allegedly working in the meat department at King Soopers when gunfire rang out and customers ran for the exit. He told the New York Times, “I’m thinking of my parents, and I was freaking out.”

According to the newspaper, Arellano hid with two other men before escaping through a back door. As the gunfire continued, footage shared by resident Dean Schiller allegedly showed three people who appeared to be injured.

The gunman was overheard saying something to the cops, “The entire building is surrounded, you need to surrender,”

Meanwhile, another witness told CNN affiliate KCNC that his family was waiting for a COVID-19 vaccination at the King Soopers pharmacy when the gunman came and shot someone right in front of their eyes.

They immediately took refuge in a closet, where they stayed for an hour before being rescued by police through the roof.

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He said, “They were texting, hiding in the coat closet. Turned their phone off and were going ‘we’re hiding, we’re okay’ you know, ‘don’t call’ you know the phone would ring and give away their position,”

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