Who is Sara Assayed? Bio, Wiki, Age, Found Not Guilty Of Drugs Charge

Sara Assayed Bio/Wiki

Despite being cleared of drug allegations, the parents of a British teacher named Sara Assayed who is being held in a Kuwaiti jail have asked for her release.

Sara Assayed was sentenced to ten years in prison in March after drugs were allegedly discovered in her vehicle.


He is 35 years old.

Found Not Guilty Of Drugs Charge Full Details

In June, a primary school teacher from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, won an appeal against the verdict.

Despite the fact that her conviction was reversed, she remains in a single cell. Sara’s parents, who are upset, claiming she is being held in an “overcrowded” and “inhumane” prison in Kuwait’s desert.

They have pleaded with the UK government to assist them in securing their daughter’s release from the “nightmare,” but the Foreign Office has told them that “we can’t do anything.”

Sara’s release has gathered nearly 600 signatures on a petition.

According to a spokeswoman for the UK Foreign Office, “We are assisting a British national who is detained in Kuwait and are in touch with their family and the local authorities.”

What Happened?

Ms. Assayed was driving home with a colleague in March 2019 after teaching an evening lesson for disabled youngsters. She was intercepted by police on the way home, who detained her and took her car, forcing her buddy to take a cab home.

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Sara was caught for a drug-related offense and was taken to jail to await her trial.

Sara, who is from Barry, was initially kept in detention for four months until her family was able to get her release on bond, albeit she was required to surrender her passport and remain in Kuwait until her trial. Sara’s father, an engineer, traveled to Kuwait in the hopes of meeting with the ambassador, but his request was rejected down by the diplomatic chief’s staff, according to the family.

The situation was further compounded by the coronavirus outbreak, which resulted in Sara’s case being repeatedly delayed.

Sara was found guilty of a narcotics offense and sentenced to ten years in jail in December 2020 after a “unfair” trial.

Sara was likewise barred from hearing or speaking at her own trial. The judge handed down the guilty verdict after a trial that lasted less than thirty minutes. Mr Assayed said: “From the beginning, we believe that the police investigation was all fabricated.

“They took her car, they put something in the car and then it came back.”
He added: “We were waiting for her to be deported. Kuwaiti law says that anyone who was involved in a case, whether guilty or not guilty, has to be deported from Kuwait.”

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