Ruthie Mae Brown (Killed in Attack By Pack of Dogs) Biography: Wiki, Age, Investigation And Witnesses Full Details

Who is Ruthie Mae Brown? Ruthie Mae Brown Bio/Wiki

Ruthie Mae Brown, 36, was killed in Walker County, Alabama, on Monday when she was attacked while walking on a road by a group of dogs. The horrific incident occurred on Monday afternoon on Jagger Road in Nauvoo, northwest of Birmingham. According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post, “The woman was the target of an assault by a variety of dogs.” Some of the dogs were held, prisoner.

Brown was the mother of four boys, WBMA reported, but not many details about the victim have been made public.


She was 36 years old.

The Incident Is Under Investigation Full Details

A Walker County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, T.J. Armstrong, told that officers arrived at the scene at around 2 p.m. Yet Brown had already passed away.

They reported to the outlet that the victim was a 36-year-old Brown from nearby Jasper, a mother of four. What caused authorities to react to Jagger road is unknown, but WIAT confirmed that the incident was called by a third party.

The incident, the Daily Mountain Eagle reported, is under investigation. Walker County Sheriff Nick Smith told the publication that it’s unclear how many dogs were involved and what breed of dog they were, but authorities assume there were at least five dogs. Walker County Coroner Joey Vick told the Daily Mountain Eagle that the official cause of death would be a forensic examination of Brown’s body. The outlet wrote, however, that Vick said there was “severe trauma caused by an attack by dogs.”

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Armstrong said that when she was attacked, Brown was walking down the lane. There were also dogs caught.

The scene is still active, and there is an ongoing investigation.


WBMA was informed by residents and witnesses that the incident had shaken the area. They said the dog pack always wanders around the area, but Brown may not have known about it, being from out of town. Robin Johnson, a resident of Jagger Road, said she sometimes saw the pack close to the railroad tracks along with Johnson and Jagger Roads.

Johnson said, “It’s got us all on edge right now,”. “It is really scary. I’ve seen them actually attack a deer.” She said she once encountered the pack and the dogs were very aggressive toward her:

I actually had a stick in my hand which I know the owner’s name and I would call the owner’s name and they would back off. They’re really aggressive dogs. They were very aggressive. If I wouldn’t have known the owner’s name it probably would have happened to me.


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