Rudy Giuliani’s fixers for the Ukraine caper just got arrested | Lev Parnas (Soviet-born Trump Donors Indicted)? | Lev Parnas Soviet-born Trump Donors Indicted Bio,Wiki, Age, Wife (Svetlana Parnas), Background, Net Worth, Igor Fruman, Arrest & Charges

Lev Parnas Wiki– Lev Parnas Biography

Rudy Giuliani’s fixers for the Ukraine caper just got arrested
Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas. (Photos: Alexandria Sheriff’s Office)

Lev Parnas Bio

Lev Parnas is a Soviet-born Florida businessman known for being one of the contributors to a campaign committee that supported the efforts of Rudy Giuliani to prosecute Democrat Joe Biden. Together with his Soviet compatriot, Igor Fruman, he was arrested on Wednesday on criminal charges of violating the rules of campaign finance, including funneling Russian money into the election of President Trump.

Lev Parnas Worked for Rudy Giuliani
Lev Parnas partnered with personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani of President Trump and Ukrainian authorities to conduct research on former Vice President Joe Biden in opposition. Parnas, who splits his time between Boca Raton, Fla., and New York City, played a key role in introducing Giuliani to Ukrainian attorney general Viktor Shokin who had been dismissed. Biden’s successful campaign to get Shokin fired from his post was the basis for Trump’s demand for Ukrainian help in investigating the former vice president and his son Hunter’s alleged corruption. Shokin had investigated a Ukrainian corporation on whose board Hunter Biden worked, but by the time Joe Biden became interested in early 2016, the inquiry had concluded.

Parnas is also said to have been active in setting up meetings between Giuliani and Yuri Lutsenko, the man who replaced Shokin as Attorney General. In the firing of Shokin, Lutsenko initially suspected Biden of bribery, and while Giuliani promoted the claim, Lutsenko investigated it and concluded that it was incorrect.

“From the perspective of Ukrainian legislation, he did not violate anything,” Lutsenko said of the accusations against Biden.

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For the past two years, Giuliani’s relationship with Parnas has deepened and the two men are believed to have traveled to Ukraine together in search of more dirt on Biden, who for months has led Trump in one-on-one polls of a possible 2020 presidential election matchup.

“We’re good friends,” Parnas said of Giuliani in an interview with NPR. “We play golf together.”

Lav Parnas and Igor Frumanare the Republican Party’s biggest fundraisers
On 31 March 2019, Giuliani took Parnas and Fruman to a fundraising dinner sponsored by the Young Israel National Council, an Orthodox Jewish organization that identifies itself as being on its website

“embracing Americanism and Zionism through the prism of Torah-true Judaism.” 

Parnas and Igor were the Republican Party’s biggest fundraisers. Over $400,000 has been contributed to GOP candidates and committees by their natural gas company, Global Energy Producers. It also contributed $325,000 to a pro-Trump super-PAC called America First Action, a donation that prompted the non-partisan watchdog group Campaign Legal Center to lodge a complaint with the Federal Election Commission. Global Energy Producers, the group says, is a shell company set up to make large donations for the ” “purpose of anonymously funneling”

Lav Parnas Calls Trump one of the greatest Presidents we have

At some point, Parnas called Trump  “one of the greatest presidents we have.”

He met the president at the White House and stated at Mar-a-Lago that the reason he wired the money to America First Action was “a mistake,” but told NPR that “it’s a whole misunderstanding that my attorneys are going to clear up.”

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Nonetheless, Global Energy Producers has no office address or phone number listed, the Washington Post reported, and it seems that there is no active company that could have generated enough revenue to support hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to American politicians and organizations.

Lav Parnas Previous Lawsuit
In his company handlings, Lav Parnas seems to be legendary. He has been sued for business and personal debts on several occasions. According to the Miami Herald, Dianne and Michael Pues have sued him, alleging they loaned him $350,000 to fund a Hollywood movie entitled “Anatomy of an Assassin.”

A federal judge in New York has ruled that Parnas must pay more than $500,000 to the Pues family trust. The couple is still seeking restitution.

“Mr. Parnas is a con man, he is a crook,” Dianne Pues told the Herald. “He conned us from day one.”

Lav Parnas and Igor Fruman Indictment
According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. prosecuted Parnas and Igor Fruman. Manhattan attorney’s office and is expected to appear in Virginia’s federal court on Thursday, October 11.

On Wednesday, October 10, they were indicted on criminal charges for violating the rules of campaign finance, including funneling Russian money into the election of President Trump.

The indictment alleges that Fruman intentionally misspelled his name in order to prevent further investigation by the FEC.

Fundraising records show that, starting in March 2018, an “Igor Furman” who otherwise fits Mr. Fruman made additional campaign donations amounting to nearly $400,000. That would carry in $1 million in donations from the couple.

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House Democrats requested information from Parnas, Fruman, and Semyon Kislin, a third man, as part of their investigation into Trump’s impeachment. On Thursday, Parnas was scheduled to give three House committees a deposition

Lev Parnas Wife (Svetlanam Parnas)

Lev Parnas Wife
Lev Parnas Wife

Lev Parnas and Svetlana Parnas are married. Despite having unpaid debts, the two were known to contribute large sums to Donald Trump.

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