Who was Rosie Johnson? Bio, Wiki, Age, Found Hanged, Accused Of Bullying, Boyfriend

Rosie Johnson Bio/Wiki

An inquest heard today that a talented university graduate named Rosie Johnson was discovered hung after becoming anxious that she was punching above her weight in a relationship.

Rosie Johnson had a fight with her boyfriend the night she went missing, and she had been thinking about a stranger’s comment that she was “punching.”

Rosie, from the Aberdeenshire community of Strachan, was reported missing by PGL on Monday, June 24, after she failed to show up for work, which was unusual for her.

Her body was discovered hanged in woodland in the Briddlesford region at 3.20pm on Friday, June 28 after extensive police searches, according to the Isle of Wight Coroner’s Court.


She was 22 years old.

Why She Committed Suicide?

Before she vanished, the zoology graduate, who was working at a summer camp where she met boyfriend Brendan, was concerned about her job, according to the inquest.

Following a brief disagreement with a coworker, she was stated to be nervous about a mediation meeting at the camp. Her roommate at PGL Little Canada, where she worked as an activities instructor on the Isle of Wight, last saw the University of Glasgow graduate.

After a night out, though, the relationship began to reveal cracks, leaving Rosie feeling “insecure.” Miss Massey said: “When we were out in Ryde just having a few drinks she told me that this guy came up to her and said she was ‘punching’ to get Brendan.”

“She was annoyed with it and mentioned it a few times. I wasn’t there at the time but she mentioned it to me several times.”

“It’s like she couldn’t let it go. She would say it when she was upset – that she was ‘punching’.”

Rosie met Brendan when she started working at Little Canada, in Ryde, in February 2019 and they quickly became a romance, according to Ariane Massey, 27.

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Caroline Sumeray, the Isle of Wight’s area coroner, posed the following question: “So she wasn’t capable of brushing off what some random loony said to her?”

Miss Massey replied “not really, no”, adding: “I think sometimes it made them fall out and – not have an argument – but I know she would get insecure about it.”

She added that Rosie was so distraught the night of the remark that she stayed out all night and had to be picked up by Miss Massey and Brendan at around 7 a.m. after they found her down at Ryde train station.

Some of the staff, including Rosie, went for breakfast at Cibo in neighboring Wootton Bridge on the day she went missing – Sunday, June 23.

Naomi Jackson, 29, said she spoke with Rosie later that evening in the staff lounge when the group was playing games. Ms. Jackson said: “She found it upsetting that people had made comments since she had been with Brendan that he was too good for her.”

Another woman was “jealous” of Rosie because Brendan was a “handsome chap” who had “made Rosie feel very uncomfortable,” she claimed.

Rosie was drunk and unhappy when she spoke to her boyfriend later that night, according to Miss Massey, who told her: “I’m done. I’m done with Brendan,” before going for a walk at around 11 pm.”

She said the row was about the mediation meeting Rosie was due to have the next day, as she did not want to do it but Brendan had told her she should “get it over and done with”.

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