Ronin Waldroup (Bitten By Dog) Biography: Wiki, Age, Attack By Vicious Pit Bull Full Details

Who is Ronin Waldroup? Ronin Waldroup Bio/Wiki

A 3-year-old toddler named Ronin Waldroup is recovering on Saturday inside an Old Town Spring restaurant after being bitten by a dog wearing a service vest.

Credit: Cece Gordon Bertrand Waldroup / Facebook

Ronin’s mother, Cleveratta Gordon-Waldroup, said the family had just arrived at the Loose Caboose with a close friend of the family. When she came face-to-face with a dog that the family described as a pit bull, Ronin led the party to the line to order.


She is 3 years old.

Attack By Vicious Pit Bull Full Details

Credit: Cece Gordon Bertrand Waldroup / Facebook

Her mother, Cleveretta Gordon-Waldroup, said the youngster was a few steps ahead of her when approached by the dog in the line to order nuggets.

Ronin was rushed to a hospital where she had 15 stitches sewn on her forehead, but Cleveretta, heartbroken, says her daughter was left traumatized.

She just walked in on her daughter smothering makeup over her face in an attempt to conceal the wounds, Cleveretta revealed. She said to Fox19, “She’s trying to put makeup on her face when I asked her why she’s doing that,”

“For a three-year-old to turn to me and say, ‘Mommy, I’m ugly’ – It’s earth-shattering.”

A witness described how the dog “had a hold” of the face of the tot and it dropped poor Ronin “like a rag doll” when its owner yanked it away.

The pet owner was then allegedly pursued down the street by Dad James as she attempted to run.

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ABC13’s surveillance video shows the woman and the dog walking down the driveway, with the father of the girl walking not far behind her. The video does not contain audio, but an interaction between the two is suggested by body language.

Cleveretta said to KTRK, “It’s enough that she’s going to have the mental trauma,”

“I don’t want her to look in the mirror and have that be a constant reminder of what happened.”

Cleveretta said she doesn’t believe a registered service dog was the dog that attacked her daughter and believes her owner put on a fake vest so she could carry it into the restaurant.

She said the family wanted reform in the legislation about the licensing of service animals.

GoFundMe Page

In an attempt to raise funds to cover Ronin’s medical expenses, the family started a GoFundMe campaign, and so far well-wishers have raised $14,500 towards the $100,000 target.

She wrote on GoFundMe,

My daughter was viciously attacked on Sat 1/9/21 afternoon by a pit bull wearing a service dog uniform. The owner of the dog decided to run from the scene of the crime. I’m begging for justice for my little girl. Ronin is 3 years old and had to get 15 stitches in her face !!! If you can help whatsoever with any little thing we would be so appreciative so that we can pay for Legal action and continuous medical expenses.

With that being said we understand that $100,000 it’s a pretty strong But after this dust has settled ,my husband and I have decided that we will be proactive in changing the laws for service animals and training. We love service animals of all breeds and sizes but as we are going through this we are finding more information that just about anyone can purchase a service animal vest online or wherever to have their pet out in public. Whether we have to go through the courts system or take it all the way up to the lawmakers we know that with proper legal action we can change the course of action for future circumstances. Thank you guys for all your support for our little girl.

James and Cece Waldroup

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