Rick Chiarelli Biography: Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Politician, Complaint For Sexual Misconduct

Rick Chiarelli (Councillor Of Ottawa City

Born in 1964, Richard “Rick” Chiarelli. He’s an Ontario, Canada politician. He is an Ottawa City councilor and former mayor of Ottawa Bob Chiarelli’s second cousin. He reflects the west end of Nepean and Ottawa covering portion of the College Ward.

A female lodged a formal complaint with Ottawa’s integrity commissioner in an article published on CBC on September 12, alleging a city councilor asked her inappropriate sexual questions during a job interview, including whether she was comfortable not wearing a bra for work events.

Rick Chiarelli Councillor Of Ottawa City

When he won a seat on the Carleton Separate School Board in the 1980s, Rick Chiarelli was first elected to office at the age of 19. He was the province’s youngest elected official at the moment. In 1985, he ran for a seat on the Ottawa Carleton Regional Municipality Council but lost.

In 1988, Chiarelli was appointed to the Borden ward Nepean City Council. In the newly created Nepean Center Ward, he was re-elected to the council of Nepean in 1994.

For the newly merged City of Ottawa, the 2000 municipal election was the first. In what was believed to be one of the tightest election fights of the year, Chiarelli, who had been a major opponent of amalgamation, confronted long-time councilor Al Loney. In a landslide, Chiarelli prevailed and became advisor to the Baseline Ward. Chiarelli was re-electedthrough acclamation in 2003. Chiarelli faced a challenge in the 2006 election for councilor of College Ward from cycling activist Brett Delmage. By a large majority, Chiarelli won, securing 73 percent of the votes.

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Early Life of Rick Chiarelli

Rick Chiarelli created the Ontario Students Alliance for Fair Funding (OSAFF) to work for the equality promised in the Canadian Constitution when he attended high school in St. Pius X in Ottawa at the age of 16. At this moment, only grade 10 financed Ontario’s distinct colleges. A high school student had to pay significant tuition fees beyond this.

Chiarelli started speaking at hundreds of colleges, and OSAFF grew rapidly to more than 70,000 members across Ontario.

OSAFF initiated a legal challenge against the treatment of distinct schools by the Government of Ontario and persuaded Ian Scott, a prominent Canadian lawyer, to represent them in court. The action was scheduled to coincide with Pope John Paul II’s visit to the Premier. The tribunal enforced deadlines on the Province to file their complete defense against the action. As a consequence, Premier Bill Davis announced a shift in the century-old policy of the Province and provided complete financing for distinct schools. OSAFF won the case unanimously 9-0 at the Canadian Supreme Court.

During the legal challenge of OSAFF, Chiarelli ran and won for the school board’s school trustee. This made Chiarelli the youngest ever elected.

Rick Chiarelli Children & Wife 

Rick Chiarelli married his childhood friend Linda. She is a teacher at the Ward Catholic high school. When he was 16, Rick, Linda and his brother Darryl & other students from St. Pius formed the Ontario Students Alliance for Fair Funding to fight for equal funding for Catholic high schools–Equality was guaranteed by the Constitution, but Catholic schools were funded only to grade 10, while public schools were funded until high school was completed.

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Rick Chiarelli Family

Rick Chiarelli is a second cousin of former Mayor Bob Chiarelli with whom he frequently disagreed on policy issues. Both are members of the Liberal Party of Ontario.

A Woman Complaint That “Rick Chiarelli Asked Her To Go Without Bra In a Job Application”

CBS reports that a female lodged a formal complaint with Ottawa’s integrity commissioner alleging that during a job interview, a city councilor asked her inappropriate sexual issues, including whether she was comfortable not wearing a bra for work events.

The lady in an exclusive to CBC said the interview took place in late June 2019 at a Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon. Rick Chiarelli questioned her if she was open to wearing outfits for activities like the annual comic book convention, Comic Con.

I just couldn’t think that this was going on. It’s 2019, I just kept thinking, how’s that feasible? The lady claimed that Chiarelli showed her a picture of an ex-employee dressed in a revealing costume she had worn for the famous case on her cell phone.

She said To the councillor for College ward then asked her:  “What would you not wear?” When she asked what he meant by that, she said Chiarelli responded: “Well, would you go braless?”

The lady said she was shocked by the request and said she was not comfortable with the suggestion to Chiarelli.

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