How Did Ric Romo Die? Death Cause, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Career

Who was Ric Romo? Bio/Wiki

The Today show is mourning the death of a long-time producer Ric Romo.

On Monday’s NBC morning show, Savannah Guthrie confirmed the passing of longtime producer Ric Romo.


He was 62 years old.


Who is Ric Romo’s wife? Carol Romo is the wife of Ric Romo. Carol Romo was Ric Romo’s wife. In 1981, the couple tied the knot. Romo’s untimely death comes as a shock and a grief to his family and friends.


In 1979, Ric Romo joined the NBC family. He stayed with them until he passed away. He was one of the media industry’s highest-paid producers. In the year 2021, we have seen numerous artists pass away.

‘WKRP in Cincinnati’ star Frank Bonner, author Janet Malcolm, author Lauren Berlant, and many others come to mind. Romo covered many famous incidents during his time at NBC, including the OJ Simpson trial in 1995, numerous red carpet events, and the West Coast earthquakes.

Romo was dubbed “the most-loved person in the newsroom” by his coworkers. His job on the red carpet brought him into contact with a number of notable figures, including the late actor and dancer Fred Astaire.

During his time on the show, Ric created a name for himself by covering stories that piqued the curiosity of viewers all over the world, from O.J. Simpson’s 1995 trial to West Coast earthquakes to annual red carpet events.

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And while the subjects of his work changed, one thing remained constant: Ric was passionate about what he did, and those around him were passionate about him.

Ric’s work on the red carpet gained him admiration from many of the celebrities he encountered, including the late acting and dancing legend Fred Astaire, who became a close friend of his.

How Did Ric Romo Die? (Death Cause)

His death cause has yet to be confirmed. Romo was reportedly admitted to the hospital and was accompanied by his family.

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