Who is Rhianne Halton? Bio, Wiki, Age, Found Dead, Killed Herself, Last Message To Her Newborn Baby Full Details

Rhianne Halton Bio/Wiki

a mother of two Rhianne Halton committed suicide just a few days after giving birth to a son. Her mother, Jeanette Whittle, 44, tragically died of an overdose 19 days later as her grief spiraled.

Rhianne had a long history of mental health issues, according to an inquest held in Plymouth yesterday, owing to a “difficult upbringing” in which she was raised by her devoted grandparents.

Her time at Newton Abbot College was marred by bullying, which was blamed on her classmates’ knowledge of her mother’s opioid abuse.


She was 19 years old.

Found Dead

During the lockdown, Rhianne, who wanted to be a hairdresser, gave birth to her second son.

The first coronavirus pandemic lockout had a huge effect on postnatal care, making it impossible to conduct face-to-face postnatal visits. They would not have been able to avoid her death, according to a report.

Jeanette Whittle, Rhianne’s mourning 44-year-old mother, died of an overdose on May 20, 2020, followed by a fatal overdose on May 29, 2020.

Rhianne and Jeanette were both laid to rest at a double funeral.

Barbara and Graham Whittle, Jeanette’s parents and Rhianne’s grandparents, then had to sit through separate inquests into their deaths yesterday, which was heartbreaking.


Rhianne gave birth to her second son on March 30, 2020, and no signs of mental health issues were found during phone calls with midwives and health visitors after that, according to the inquest.

Last Message To Her Newborn Baby

Rhianne’s grandparents have recently announced the heartbreaking note she wrote for her two sons before she died in May of last year. It read, “Things are too hard for me. I cannot cope anymore. I love you boys dearly. Daddy will look after you.”

He said, recalling the heartbreaking last conversation he had with his granddaughter,

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“Next thing, about half an hour later, just as I was about to pick her up, I got a phone call to tell me Rhianne had killed herself at her home.”

“What a waste of such a promising young life. She’d wanted to be a hairdresser and she was such a good mum to those children.”

“When she told me about the row, I told her that the two of them needed to grow up a bit. They were the last words I got to say to her.”

At the inquest, Coroner Stephen Covell ruled Rhianne’s death a suicide. Barbara said: “The last year has been horrible. We’ve lost a daughter and a granddaughter, and within such a short space of time.”

“It seems like a terrible waste of life but I hope there is somewhere happy now where Jeanette doesn’t have to face the hell of addiction every day and Rhianne is at peace.”

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