Who is Rebekah Crawford? Bio, Wiki, Age, Fell From 60Ft Cliff Survivor

Rebekah Crawford Bio/Wiki

A woman named Rebekah Crawford who survived a 60-foot fall while on a family hike has revealed her incredible experience.

After nearly dying on a cliff hike in Cornwall, Rebekah Crawford thinks life can change in an instant.


She is 37 years old.

How did She fall From 60Ft Cliff?

According to TheSun, In June of last year, she was on a family walk in Lamorna Cove when she fell off a cliff.

Rebekah told her incredible story as follows: “I was on a narrow bit of path not much more than a foot width and my left ankle just twisted and there was absolutely nothing to my left.

“My head hit this slab of rock and the noise and the pain. I’ve just never felt anything like it. It went through my whole body.”

She attempted clutching at grass in the hopes of being saved, but she ended up falling 56 feet over the edge of the cliff.

The 37-year-old physiotherapist recalls the “awful feeling of falling” and the fact that there was nothing underneath her. She added, “My head hit the rock on the bottom, which was really painful,”

“I remember hearing my sister scream.”

Debs, her sister, confirmed it, and said, “like something you see in the movies – a body just free falling bouncing off rocks as she went”.

“I remember looking over the cliff and thinking, ‘oh my God my sister’s dead’.”

Cornwall Air Ambulance was dispatched to her sister’s aid after she dialed 999.

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Debs continued: “I distinctly remember the helicopter overhead and the Cornwall Air Ambulance came into view and I remember breathing a sigh of relief, thinking ‘thank God for that’.”

One of the two paramedics who went to the scene, Pete Storer, described it as “definitely one of the most dangerous situations I have worked in.”

He and fellow medic Jeremy Griffiths had to walk with all their gear and were ultimately joined by a doctor and members of the Land’s End Coastguard Rescue Team.

He said, “There was only space for four people, we were confined to a tiny ledge suspended precariously above a sheer drop of over 100ft on to rocks, Reaching Rebekah, it was obvious she was in a great deal of pain.”

“We suspected she had a spinal injury and were concerned about internal bleeding from such a significant fall.”

“Due to the location we knew an aerial winch was the only way to get Rebekah off the cliff safely.”

While waiting for the search and rescue helicopter to arrive, the crew anchored Rebekah to the cliff. She was then flown to Royal Cornwall Hospital. She had a head injury, but no bleeding, according to a CT scan.

She had six lumbar fractures but thankfully did not require surgery. Rebekah expressed her gratitude to God for that day.

“If I’d fallen two feet further over I’d have gone right off the edge.”

“I remember thinking it was surreal – I was so scared being winched by the helicopter.”

“The crew were just incredible, I owe my life to them.”

“The doctor said they rarely attend someone who falls that distance and survives.”

She was in the hospital for five days and had to walk for several weeks with a frame and crutches.

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She went back to work in September, but she hasn’t been along the coast route since the event. She added, “It was one of the most scary things that’s ever happened to me but also really put life into perspective,”

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