Who is Ray Reco McNeary? Bio, Wiki, Age, St. Cloud Bank Robbery Suspect, Charges

Ray Reco McNeary Bio/Wiki

Officials say a Minnesota man named Ray Reco McNeary who robbed a bank and kept its workers hostage for hours wanted to “go viral.”

Officials said the 35-year-old man who allegedly held them captive wanted a “big show” with police during the eight-hour standoff in St. Cloud on Thursday.

According to KIMT3 News, Ray Reco McNeary was charged with aggravated robbery, one count of second-degree assault, and multiple counts of kidnapping following the incident at the Wells Fargo bank.


He is 35 years old.

St. Cloud Bank Robbery Bank Robbery Suspect Full Details

According to a criminal complaint, McNeary came to the bank upset about what he said was account theft and became even more irritated when the account could not be found.

According to the station, he ordered the bank manager to get him a bag of cash from the safe, then threw some of it on the floor and started grabbing the victim’s cellphones and destroying them by submerging them in water or slamming them around. According to the lawsuit, McNeary threatened to use the bank manager as a shield and that they would “die together.”

According to the complaint, he then told his hostages and law enforcement that he planned to kill that inside, “kill himself, or put law enforcement in a position where they would kill him.”

McNeary did not appear to be armed at the time of the incident.

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When four of the hostages were released or escaped, and a fifth hostage “made a run for the door” right as St. Cloud police and the FBI arrested McNeary without incident, St.
Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said the crisis ended as well as it could have. According to investigators, all of the hostages were bank workers.


On the morning of May 6, 2021, the standoff lasted eight hours. Chief William Blair Anderson, the police chief, said in a press conference that he is being detained on charges of bank robbery and kidnapping.

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