Who was Swedish Rapper Nils Gronberg AKA Einar? Bio, Wiki, Age, Death Cause

Rapper Einar Bio/Wiki

Rapper Nils Kurt Erik Einar Gronberg AKA Einar, the award-winning Swedish rapper who topped the country’s charts, was shot and died in Stockholm on Friday, according to police and the media, as they searched for suspects.

On Thursday, soon before 11 p.m. (2100 GMT), he was shot multiple times outside an apartment complex. He was given first assistance by ambulance staff, but he died at the spot, according to Stockholm police spokeswoman Towe Hagg.

Einar’s lyrics frequently allude to a life of crime, including the use of narcotics and weapons. He had public feuds with rival artist Yasin, who was sentenced to ten months in prison in July for his role in a plot to kidnap Einar in 2020.


He was 19 years old.

He was born on October 21, 2021, in Hammarby Sjöstad, Sweden.


Einar began sharing his songs on social media when he was a youngster. In 2019, he had his breakthrough with the song “Katten I trakten,” which went to number one on the Swedish singles chart.

He was Sweden’s most-streamed musician on Spotify in 2019.

Rapper Einar was Kidnapped

A murder inquiry has been launched by the police.

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Towe Hagg said, “We are actively working to figure out why it happened and who can be behind it,”

Police have not yet confirmed the name of the victim, as is customary. However, Einar, whose full name is Nils Kurt Erik Einar Gronberg, was identified by Sweden’s major media.

The operation was eventually thwarted, but Einar was kidnapped a few weeks later without Yasin’s knowledge.

Death Cause

Prosecutors claim he was attacked, robbed, photographed in humiliating situations, and blackmailed.

The kidnapping was part of a larger investigation into a criminal network involving 30 people suspected of a range of offenses.

Another rapper, Haval Khalil, was among the suspects, having been condemned to two and a half years in prison for participating in the kidnapping and having had public spats with Einar.

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