Who is Ramona Rodriguez Reynoso? Bio, Wiki, Age, Found Shot, Boyfriend Wanted Full Details

Ramona Rodriguez Reynoso Bio/Wiki

According to police and sources, a Manhattan mother named Ramona Rodriguez Reynoso was found shot to death in the bathtub of her Washington Heights apartment, and investigators are looking for her “armed and dangerous” boyfriend in connection with the slaying.

Ramona Rodriguez-Reynoso was discovered in the bathroom tub of her sixth-floor apartment on West 167th Street and Audobon Avenue around 10:30 p.m. on Friday, authorities said. According to police, she was pronounced dead at the scene, and no arrests have been made.


She was 50 years old.

Found Shot Full Details

On Friday evening, Rodriguez Reynoso was discovered inside the bathtub of her apartment on West 167th Street in Washington Heights.

She was shot and stabbed in the head, according to police. At the scene, she was pronounced dead. Luis Garcia, a neighbor, overheard a fight in the building and is now surprised to learn what happened. He said, “I hear something like a noise. I was thinking it was a party, somebody crying … screaming, something, screaming like that,”

“Talking loud. Her and with somebody … somebody crying.”

He added, “Very nice person, very friendly. Very shocking,”

Boyfriend ‘German Reynoso’ Wanted

A wanted poster for Rodriguez Reynoso’s long-term boyfriend German Reynoso now hangs in a corner deli near her house.

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He’s wanted in connection with her murder, and police claim he’s armed and dangerous. One man claimed to have seen German before and is now on the lookout. He said, “I’ve seen his face before. I don’t want to go as far as saying I know who he is, but I’ve seen his face before,”

“It’s scary. It’s sad. It’s sad. In today’s world, where we have this pandemic and where we have lots of stuff going on, we need to have love, not hate.”

Ramona and German had been staying in the apartment where the attack occurred as a common-law couple for years, according to neighbors. They combine the two adult daughters they have in common. The couple’s relationship status at the time of her death is unknown.

One man said, “I will pray for the family … I’ll pray for the whole truth to come out because we need to have closure as a community and as a neighborhood and the family needs closure,”

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