Pawel Królikowski Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, Wife, Family, Career, Net Worth, Cause Of Death

Pawel Królikowski Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, Wife, Family, Career, Net Worth, Cause Of Death

Pawel Królikowski Biography

Pawel Królikowski was born in Zdunska Wola, Poland, on 1st April 1961. He was a actor, TV, theatre, dubbed actor, TV presenter, and producer. He was the president of the Association of Polish Stage Artists from 16 April 2018 till the last days.

On 27th February 2020 Królikowski died.

Pawel Królikowski Career

He played at the Studio Theater in Lodz, in 1987-90. In 1984 he made his debut as a hooligan in the children’s and youth film “Hummingbird Day,” directed by Ryszard Rydzewski (1984). The image won at the International Film Festival in Chicago.

During his studies, he starred in the television film Łukasz Wylężałek “Ludożerca” (1987), the adventure “Harley’s Tales” (1987), to which he wrote and composed the text of the song “My Harley,” as well as in the drama “Pantarej” (1987), where he appeared as a drug addict. Kinga Dębska’s most significant and mature role is seen in “Hel” (2009).

The spectators loved Królikowski for its serial parts. Oncologist Professor Sławomir Starzyński in “For Good and Bad” (2005–2006), and especially Jakub Kuse in the “Ranch” series. For this role he won the “Bowler Hat” award at the Festival of Good Humor in Gdańsk in 2007 for the best comedy performer. He was recently a juror on “Your Face Sounds Familiar” television programme.

He took part in the program where I love you, Poland, on 2 October 2009! In Katarzyna Zielińska’s squad.

He sat on the jury of Your Face Sounds Familiar from 8 March 2014 till 23 November 2019. On 16 April 2018, Olgierd Łukaszewicz was elected president of the Association of Polish Stage Artists.

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Pawel Królikowski Wife Children

At the age of 21 he met his future wife, actress Małgorzata Ostrowska, who is commonly known for her role as Grażyna Lubicz in the telenovela TVP1 Klan, during exams at the Wrocław acting school. They were married in Lodz, in 1988.

Three sons: Antoni, Jan and Ksawery and two daughters: Julia and Marcelina. He played the role of the short film Night of Life, with his wife.

Pawel Królikowski Family

He was the son of the Antoni Królikowski. He was an Actor too

Pawel Królikowski Cause of Death

Pawel Królikowski is Dead . In a conversation with Onet the actor’s friend, Antoni Królikowski, confirmed the tragic news. He was the first to write the magazine “Super Express” about Pawel Królikowski’s death, citing independent sources. Ewa Leśniak from the Association of Polish Stage Artists confirmed the details also for PAP. The actor was battling neurological issues. He died at fifty-eight.

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