Who is Pauline Waldron? Bio, Wiki, Age, Stabbed Her Dog With Sword, Arrested

Pauline Waldron Bio/Wiki

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a lady named Pauline Waldron from New York for allegedly attempting to behead her pet dog with a sword.

Pauline Waldron, whose age has not been revealed, is accused of stabbing Peaches, her mixed-breed dog, and leaving her suffering for hours. Waldron’s home in Upstate New York was the scene of the horrible occurrence. The vicious attack left the animal critically damaged and on the verge of death.


She is around 53-55 years old.

Stabbed Her Dog With Sword Full Details

On June 30, the Greene County Sheriff’s Department received a call from the Catskill Animal Hospital regarding an animal abuse case. Waldron was arrested “following an investigation,” according to a news release.

According to the evidence, Waldron attempted to cut her dog’s head with a sword. Waldron failed to decapitate the dog, but she stabbed it numerous times, according to investigators. Ron Perez, president of the Columbia-Greene Humane Society, told WNYT-TV that the animal was lucky to be alive after suffering such maltreatment.

Perez said, “Probably another couple of centimeters and [the sword] would have hit the vertebrae,”

How Is The Dog Now? Is She Ok?

According to WHEC News, Peaches miraculously survived after receiving life-saving surgery.

She was saved from the Waldron household and is now being fostered by a veterinarian, albeit she still has a long way to go before she is fully recovered. Captain Tracey Quinn said to WNYT-TV, “I think everyone involved was really shocked to see the dog was still hanging on.”

The dog’s injuries, according to Perez, were among the “most terrible” he had ever seen. Investigators suspect Waldron’s husband brought her to the Catskill Animal Hospital for treatment, according to WNYT-TV.

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He told the TV station that the claims leveled against his wife were false. He refused to speak to the television station on camera. Peaches were stabbed numerous times and taken to the Catskill Animal Hospital for emergency surgery, according to authorities. According to WNYT-TV, the treatment took several hours, but she made it through.

After that, the dog was taken to a “specialized veterinary clinic” for further treatment. According to WNYT-TV, the dog may require a second surgery and will require months of therapy.


According to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, Waldron has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty. In the state of New York, the charge is a felony. The maximum term in the state is two years in prison and a $5,000 fine if convicted.

The case of Waldron was heard before the Cairo Town Court. Deputies say she was freed on her own recognizance after being formally charged. WNYT-TV has the story. In addition, Greene County is seeking to establish an animal abuse register.

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  1. Pauline Waldron needs to go to jail and she needs a punishment that fits that crime.whats the matter with her husband letting the dog suffer for eight hours.karma will catch up with her and I hope it’s painful.Thats a real disgusting person that could do something like that. I hope she suffers something painful.Shes just a loser coward.


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