Who was Patricia Grooms? Bio, Wiki, Age, Mom Killed By Boyfriend

Patricia Grooms Bio/Wiki

A mother named Patricia Grooms of two was allegedly shot dead in front of her child by her lover named Billy Mclean Head III, but her death remains a mystery as relatives and friends seek answers.

In the four days since Patricia Groom’s death, American authorities have issued nothing more than a confirmation of an arrest, the suspect’s name, the felony for which he was charged, and a generic incident report.

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Patricia Grooms was 32 years old and her boyfriend Billy Mclean Head III was 38 years old.

Mom ‘Patricia Groom’ Killed By Boyfriend ‘Billy Mclean Head III’

Billy Mclean Head III is the boyfriend of Patricia Grooms.

Patricia Grooms’ body was discovered with gunshot wounds inside a truck on November 12th.

Billy Mclean Head III, 38, was arrested and charged with murder by the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office shortly after the incident.

The Colleton correctional center is where he is being kept.

However, because the probe is still ongoing, investigators are “limiting the availability of additional information.”

Grooms’ family and friends have started a Facebook page and hashtags like #JusticeforTrish on social media to seek answers.

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According to the sheriff’s office’s incident report, they received a call from a woman who stated that she was out with a male and a girl child but did not clarify who they were.

According to The Sun, the incident report stated, “The male was stating to the female caller that he had been attacked by someone with a knife,”

“I arrived and found an unresponsive female in a truck with apparent gunshot wounds.”

The report did not say who the woman caller was, with whom she was out, or who was being knifed. Grooms was the woman found lifeless in the truck.

According to the “Justice For Trish” Facebook group, the report has created more suspicions among family members, who believe it was unjust to shoot someone and then claim “self defense.”

According to WCIV, Grooms’ friend Kristin Lovelace expressed her “shock” and claimed that the data supplied in the inquiry report do not line up.

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