Orlando Duarte (Dies Of COVID-19 At 88) Biography: Wiki, Age, Career, Death Cause

Who is Orlando Duarte? Orlando Duarte Bio/Wiki

Today, at the age of 88, the death of Orlando Duarte, Covid-19, mobilized a number of colleagues. To honor the sports reporter, professionals from various broadcasters went to social media. He was born on February 18, 1932, in Rancheria.

Orlando Duarte, who has played in more than ten World Cups, contracted covid-19 three weeks ago and has been hospitalized ever since. Since 2018, he has also been suffering from Alzheimer’s.


He was 88 years old.


Born in Rancheria, in the interior of São Paulo, the journalist began his career with the O Tempo newspaper, went to Gazeta Esportiva, Rádio Jovem Pan and Trianon, and worked for Globo, Cultura, SBT, Album and Band on TV.

As a reporter, announcer and chronicler, he became known as the “Eclectic” and “father of sports memory in Brazil” working on the coverage of 14 World Cups and 10 Olympic Games.

He has also authored more than 30 books on sports, including ‘Pelé: the Supercampeão’ biography.

Death Cause

Sports commentator Orlando Duarte died as a victim of Covid-19 on Tuesday morning, aged 88. He, who had been hospitalized in São Paulo for three weeks for treatment, has also been battling Alzheimer’s since 2018.

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The journalist was interned in the Sancta Maggiore do Paraíso Hospital, South Zone of the capital, for the treatment of coronavirus infection and two aneurysms.

According to Prevent Senior’s press office, which owns the hospital chain, “the journalist passed away this Tuesday morning at Sancta Maggiore Hospital, after fighting Covid-19 and other illnesses.”

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