Oreanna Antoinette Myers (Mom Murdered Her 5 Children) Biography: Wiki, Age, Suicide Details

Who is Oreanna Antoinette Myers? Oreanna Antoinette Myers Bio/Wiki

Before burning down their home in West Virginia on December 8 last year, Oreanna Antoinette Myers murdered her three children and two stepchildren, Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan confirmed on Thursday.

Credit: Family/Morgan Funeral Home

The bodies were found inside the home of Shaun Dawson Bumgarner (7 years old), Riley James Bumgarner (6 years old), Kian Myers (4 years old), Arikyle Nova Myers (3 years old), and Haiken Jirachi Myers (1-year-old), while Myers was found outside, Sloan said at a news conference.


She was 25 years old.

She Murdered Her 5 Children Details

Credit: Family/Morgan Funeral Home

Myers was suffering from depression and was upset that her husband had been living with his father for two weeks instead of with her and the children at their home outside Williamsburg, W.Va., Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan said Thursday because of logistical transportation problems.

The bleak timeline started when, on December Tuesday, Myers picked up two of her sons from the bus stop with a red line written across her face at the end of the school day.

Myers responded that she drew it when asked by her children if she was bleeding, witnesses told investigators. An hour later, firefighters at the family home rushed to a 911 call and discovered the building completely engulfed in flames.

Credit: Family/Morgan Funeral Home

The bodies of the young victims were discovered inside the home with shotgun wounds to the head after extinguishing the fire. Myers was found dead near a picnic table outside the house, with the murder weapon lying next to her.

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Officials said the weapon was not automatic, meaning that before each deadly blast, Myers had to reload the shotgun. In the week before the tragedy between Myers and her husband, Sloan said text messages sent indicated that the work-related absence of Bumgarner was the cause of a heated dispute between the couple.

WSAZ states, one of the letters was titled Confession.

Credit: Family/Morgan Funeral Home

The note read, according to the outlet, “I had shot all boys in the head. I had set the house on fire. I had shot myself in the head. I’m sorry mental health is serious. I hope one day someone will help others like me. Mental health is not to joke about or take lightly. When someone begs, pleads, cries out for help, please help them. You just might save a life or more lives. Thank you, O.A.M.”

Sloan said he was unaware of whether the woman at the time of the deaths was under care for any mental disorder diagnosed.

Shotgun pellets consistent with those recovered from Myers’ body were removed from the remains of four of the five girls, according to the State Medical Examiner’s Office. The sheriff says the X-ray test showed the fifth child’s pellets.

Following the press conference on Thursday outlining the murder-suicide investigation, Frisbie wrote on her Facebook page:

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