Who is Omar Delaney? Bio, Wiki, Age, Groom Accused Of Ra*ing Wedding Guest (Bride’s Friend) Full Details

Omar Delaney Bio/Wiki

In April, a man named Omar Delaney was arrested after police in Las Vegas responded to a complaint that he had ra*ed a woman in the hours leading up to his wedding. His new partner, on the other hand, is by his side.

The bride, groom, and other wedding guests went out on April 19 to explore the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street, according to the arrest report.

According to police, the woman arrived in Las Vegas on that date and drank three shots of vodka before retiring to her Luxor Hotel & Casino room around 11 p.m.

She described herself as “tipsy,” but she maintained her composure and never felt out of control. Following this, the groom se*ually ra*ed her.


Omar Delaney, 35, of Fircrest in Tacoma, Washington, was…

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He is 35 years old.

Groom Accused Of Ra*ing Wedding Guest (Bride’s Friend) Full Details

According to the victim, the groom, Omar Delaney, who was in town for his wedding from Washington, offered to walk her back to her bed, and when they arrived, he followed her into the room and started fondling her breasts.

According to the report, she told Omar, ‘I don’t like it,’ and tried to scoot away from Omar.” “Omar replied, ‘Ok.'”

Delaney left the room, but returned a few minutes later and began removing her clothes, according to the woman. According to the paper, she shook her head “as if to say, ‘No.'”

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According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Delaney then committed a s*x act on her. She also expressed concern to the police that if she continued to resist, he would become abusive. He then exited the room once more.

Delaney, on the other hand, returned for the third time. Delaney returned a few minutes later, climbed on top of her, and ra*ed her, she told the police.

He may have also taken her room key from her pocket, she told police. According to reports, the police discovered the key in Delaney’s bed. It was used at 12.21 a.m., 12.38 a.m., 1 a.m., and twice at 1.29 a.m., according to cops.

Delaney was arrested on three counts of se*ual assault and one count of lewdness on April 20.

He was taken to the Clark County Detention Center for processing. He was, however, released on $10,000 bail on April 21. On July 26, he has a court appearance scheduled.

Delaney bought a marriage license on April 18th, according to Clark County clerk’s records. Delaney’s new wife, Tamara, has reportedly stood by him since his arrest. She allegedly posted on Facebook, “I’m happy to tell you everything after the trial [sic]. She verbally consented and is lying. And yes I am still by my husband’s side,”


Three charges of se*ual harassment and one count of lewdness have been filed against him.

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