Who is Oen Nicholson? Bio, Wiki, Age, Murder Suspect, Killing Three People, Victims

Oen Nicholson Bio/Wiki

Oen Evan Nicholson, a California guy named Oen Nicholson, is suspected of murdering three people in Oregon during a crime spree.

According to police, Nicholson was detained in Wisconsin, some 2,000 miles away, after forcing a random woman to take him there. Authorities said Nicholson assaulted four people in Coos County, killing three and wounded one. One of the victims is his father.

According to police, Nicholson was arrested on June 20, 2021, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after days on the run with a lady he held at gunpoint.

Laura Johnson, the woman in question, was not hurt. He kidnapped her when she was on her lunch break in the parking lot of a sporting goods store in Springfield, Oregon, according to police.


He is 30 years old.


The victims were named Charles Simms Nicholson, 83, Oen Nicholson’s father, Anthony Oyster, 74, and Jennifer Davidson, 47, by police. According to investigators, all three were killed on June 18 near North Bend, Oregon.

Linda Oyster, Oyster’s 73-year-old wife, was critically hurt. During a press conference following Nicholson’s arrest, North Bend Mayor Jessica Engelke termed the spree a “terrible act of violence.” There are no known ties between Charles Nicholson and the victims, except for Charles Nicholson. According to police, Johnson was not physically harmed.

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Killing Three People Full Details

To beginning the crime spree, Oen Nicholson is suspected of killing his father at The Mill Casino’s RV Park in North Bend, Oregon.

The manner in which Charles Nicholson was killed has remained a mystery. According to investigators, after killing his father, Nicholson stole his father’s truck and fled the scene, running over Anthony and Linda Oyster, a Florida couple. Nicholson then allegedly drove the truck to Herbal Choices Marijuana Dispensary, where he shot and killed Davidson, according to police. Police have not disclosed if there was a reason for Davidson’s death or if he knew her.

The stolen pickup truck was later discovered crashed and burned near milepost 39 on Highway 126 in Noti, according to the Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Before allegedly kidnapping Laura Johnson, Nicholson was seen on security camera purchasing ammo at a Cabela’s sporting goods store in Springfield.

At a press conference on Sunday, Engelke told reporters, “Words fall short of describing the tragedy that took place on Friday and the ensuing events in Lane County, and we’re all left incredibly shakened,”

“This is something you hope never happens in your community, in the town that you call home.”

Who is Laura Johnson?

Not long after the June 18 killings in North Bend, Nicholson allegedly abducted Laura Johnson at gunpoint at a Cabela’s sporting goods store in Springfield.

Johnson, who works at the business, was kidnapped while walking to her car on her lunch break and messaging her boyfriend, according to her relatives. Her family reported her missing at 11 p.m. on June 18 after coworkers informed them she had not returned to work.

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Laura Johnson’s father, Dennis Johnson, said to the KEZI, “He approached her in her vehicle with a gun. They said she was forced to drive 33 hours to where they’re at. She was able to talk him into turning himself in.”

According to police, Springfield Police issued a missing person warning for Johnson on Saturday, June 19, unaware of the connection to the Coos County killings.

Dennis Johnson told KEZI that he received a call from police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at 6 a.m. on Sunday, June 20, stating that his daughter was present and safe.


Nicholson is charged with ten counts in Coos County, including six counts of first-degree murder, second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, and two counts of failing to execute responsibilities of a driver to injured victims, according to court records.

Additional charges could be filed in Lane County in connection with Johnson’s kidnapping. The six murder charges were filed for administrative purposes, according to Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier, but there are three victims.

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