Who is NuVeah Lucas? Bio, Wiki, Age, Killed In Flint Michigan Fire, 3 Dead

NuVeah Lucas Bio/Wiki

Officials say two people died in a house explosion, including a three-year-old child named NuVeah Lucas.

After a house exploded in Flint, Michigan, shaking houses as far as five miles away, firefighters worked around the clock to ensure no more people were trapped inside their burning homes.


NuVeah Lucas was 3 years old.

Killed In Flint Michigan Fire

The other person killed in the incident was a 70-year-old guy who lived next door.

NuVeah Lucas, a three-year-old girl, had been missing for nearly 12 hours before her body was recovered. At the time of the explosion, her mother and her mother’s boyfriend were at home.

NuVeah’s mother was admitted to the hospital but was later released. David Brown, the boyfriend, is still in severe condition with burns covering 70% of his body.

3 Dead In House Fire

The girl’s family said they attempted but failed to save her after the blast.

The girl’s grandma, Athena Simerson, stated, “I guess the initial explosion happened and he [Brown] went over to her [NuVeah] to protect her,”

As the fire raged around the neighborhood, one neighbor said she heard a mother plead for her infant.

Another individual was injured, although only minor injuries were reported.

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Simerson organized a fundraiser to help her daughter, Alyshia, who is currently expecting her first child.

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