Who is Niviane Petit Phelps? Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Charged With Threatening to Kill Kamala Harris Full Details

Niviane Petit Phelps Bio/Wiki

A Florida nurse named Niviane Petit Phelps accused of threatening to kill Vice President Kamala Harris. Phelps allegedly filmed herself moaning about the new administration and threatening Harris’ life, according to a criminal complaint lodged by the Secret Service.

Phelps sent the videos to her husband, who is currently incarcerated in Crawfordville, Florida’s Wakulla Correctional Institution. The videos were sent to the Florida Office of Inspector General, which alerted Secret Service agents in Miami.

Phelps later admitted to investigators that she was aware that prison officials might watch any videos she sent to her husband via the prison’s inmate messaging system, according to the lawsuit.


She is 39 years old.

Charged With Threatening to Kill Kamala Harris Full Details

The video messages were sent over JPay, an app that enables prisoners and others on the outside to share media, and the Secret Service was alerted to them in early March. After her husband revealed the attacks, authorities became aware of them.

The messages, according to the federal complaint, “generally depict Phelps complaining and speaking angrily to the camera about her hatred for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, among others”.

“However, in these videos, Phelps also made statements about killing Vice President Harris.”

According to the Secret Service complaint, Ms Phelps, 39, said in a video sent on February 13: “Kamala Harris you are going to die. Your days are numbered already. Someone paid me $53,000 just to f*** you up and I’m gonna take the, I’m gonna do the job, okay.”

“I’m going to the gun range, just for your a**, until you f****** leave the chair.”

The nurse reportedly said, in another video: “I’m going to the gun range… I swear to God, today is your day you’re gonna die. 50 days from today, mark this day down.”

On 20 February, Ms. Phelps appeared at a gun range to reveal a picture exchanged with her husband and then received from the authorities. The Miami-Dade Police Department and the Secret Service detectives visited the home of Ms. Phelps on 3 March but rejected interviews and revealed court records.

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The lawsuit states that Ms. Phelps called the agents two days later to say that her employer, Jackson Health System, had taken an administrative leave. On 6 March, a Secret Service agent returned to the residence of Ms. Phelps.

Who Is Niviane Petit Phelps’ Husband

Joseph Phelps is the husband of Niviane Petit Phelps.

On Thursday, Ms. Phelps was arrested. She was accused of threatening VP Harris with death. She is currently held in a federal detention facility in Miami, according to the Miami Herald, following a Judge who believes that she is a ‘threat to the nation.’

Her husband Joseph Phelps serves in the Wakulla Correctional Institution for his armed robbery in 1996 and the murder of a grocery owner.

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