Max Nichols (Rachel Nichols Husband) Bio, Wiki, Age, Children

Who is Max Nichols?

Max Nichols is the husband of Rachel Nichols.

Max Nichols is a Hollywood director and the spouse of Rachel Nichols, a TV presenter. The couple has been married for more than 20 years after meeting as youngsters. Max Nichols is a Hollywood filmmaker and producer based in Los Angeles.

He is best known for producing the 2014 romantic comedy Two Night Stand and the ongoing television series Day 5. (2016). He follows in the footsteps of his father, Mike Nichols, the famed American film and theater director.

Nichols Sr. worked on a number of successful films, including The Graduate (1967), Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolf (1966), and Camal Knowledge (1971). He was known for his ability to work in a variety of genres and for his ability to bring out the best in actors of all levels of expertise.

Max and his sister were born to Irish novelist Annabel Davis-Goff, the first of his father’s three wives. Before marrying news journalist Diane Sawyer in 1988, Nichols was briefly married to Margo Callas.


Rachel Nichols is 48 years old and her husband Max Nichols is 47 years old.


They are the parents of two girls. The twins have been deliberately secret from the public eye and do not appear on Rachel’s Instagram.

Max discussed homeschooling with The Hollywood Reporter in April 2020, saying: “I have twin third graders, so we’re trying to make life feel as normal for them as possible.

“Obviously they know life isn’t normal — they’re not going to school any more and all of that — but we will have these outdoor playdates where I will drive over to a friend of their’s house and the friend will sit in a lawn chair on their front lawn and my kids will be in the back tailgate of our pickup truck.”

Max Nichols And Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols, a TV broadcaster, has been married to Max Nichols for 20 years.

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On May 25, 2001, the couple married in a Jewish ceremony in New York., on the other hand, claims that Rachel and Max met as teenagers at a summer camp in Maine. Nichols graduated from Northwestern and began writing for the Washington Post, while Max worked for Tommy Boy Music, an indie song label.

Despite this, Max reached out to Rachel when she established herself in the profession, and the couple rejoined after a decade apart. Rachel has worked as a sports journalist and television host for ESPN and CNN since 1885. She presently hosts The Jump, a weekly NBA debate show in which she interviews NBA analysts and players about the latest news and events from around the league.

She’s also been hailed for her aggressive interviewing style, having previously called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to account following the Ray Rice controversy, as well as questioning boxer Floyd Mayweather about his history of domestic abuse. Rachel has been called “the country’s most influential and prominent female sports journalist” by Sports Illustrated.

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