Who is Matthew Kyle Leatham? Biography: Wiki, Age, Arrested, Charged, Misusing 911 Full Details

Matthew Kyle Leatham Bio/Wiki

A Florida man named Matthew Kyle Leatham who made headlines after he was arrested because of his memorable mugshot is Matthew Kyle Leatham. With the peninsula reaching between his eyes, Leatham has the state of Florida tattooed on his forehead.

According to online reports, he was released after paying $300 bail.


He is 22 years old.


According to online booking records from Pasco County, Matthew Kyle Leatham, of New Port Richey, was charged with abuse of the 911 system and possession of marijuana not exceeding 20 grams.

Credit: Pasco County Clerk

If convicted of the first-degree misdemeanor charge, Leatham could face up to one year behind bars. He may be charged up to 1,000 dollars as well.

Misusing 911 Full Details

According to the criminal complaint available on the Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller website, Leatham has been charged with a misdemeanor when he called 911 twice to ask for a ride home.

Credit: Pasco County Jail

In Florida, it is against the law to make a “fake alarm” and abuse the resources of emergency responders. Leatham was hit with a narcotics violation as well. Leatham called 911 early in the morning on January 31 to ask for a ride home. Leatham “cursed” at the 911 dispatcher who replied to the call, according to the criminal complaint.

To contact law enforcement “for future reference,” the dispatcher provided Leatham with the non-emergency phone number and ended the call.

Following the first call, the deputy who prepared the complaint spoke with Leatham on the street. Leatham told the deputy that, when he was searching for a ride home, he had called 911.

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The deputy wrote that he had offered to call Leatham’s taxi service. But Leatham refused, citing that he had no money to pay for a taxi. According to the lawsuit, the deputy noted that Leatham appeared at the time of the arrest to be under the influence of alcohol.

As to whether drugs were involved, in that portion of the document, the deputy labeled “unknown”. However, Leatham’s tattoo on the complaint was not found by the deputy.


When there is no need, it is illegal to call 911 in Florida because doing so could divert responders from a real emergency. Leatham was accused of “misuse of the 911 system,” which is listed in the legal code of Florida:

911 and E911 service must be used solely for emergency communications by the public. Any person who accesses the number 911 for the purpose of making a false alarm or complaint or reporting false information that could result in the emergency response of any public safety agency; any person who knowingly uses or attempts to use such service for a purpose other than obtaining public safety assistance; or any person who knowingly uses or attempts to use such service in an effort to avoid any charge for service, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.

Just before 4:30 a.m., Leatham was arrested. 31 January. He was in the Pasco County Jail for one day before he was released around 7:30 p.m. February 1st.

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