Who is Mario Gonzalez? Bio, Wiki, Age, Body Cam Footage Full Details

Mario Gonzalez Bio/Wiki

On Tuesday, a body camera video of a man named Mario Gonzalez who died in police custody after being pinned facedown on the ground for five minutes by officers in Alameda County, Calif., was published.

The man, Mario Arenales Gonzalez, becomes unresponsive while in handcuffs, and police officers quickly begin chest compressions, according to footage from the Alameda Police Department. On April 19, 2021, Mario Gonzalez died in police custody in Alameda County, California, just two days before Derek Chauvin was accused of George Floyd’s murder.

According to ACQRO, after the bodycam footage of the incident was posted, a city spokesperson identified officers Eric McKinley, Cameron Leahy, and James Fisher as participants in the incident.


He was 26 years old.

Body Cam Footage

The video from three officers’ bodycams was posted, and it shows video recorded from three different angles. The first officer arrived at the scene about six minutes after the 911 call and began questioning Mario Gonzalez, according to the video.

A second officer arrived at the scene fourteen minutes later to inquire about Gonzalez’s identification. Officers can be seen catching him and attempting to handcuff him shortly after that. Gonzalez falls face-down to the ground and cries out loudly after a scuffle with the police, with one of the officers kneeling on his back. A third officer is seen on Gonzalez’s legs as the same officer kneels between his neck and shoulder blade.

The first officer insisted on Gonzalez continuing to speak as he was restrained on the ground. He continued to whimper words while gasping and grunting, eventually becoming unresponsive. “He went from combative to nonresponsive almost immediately,” the first responding officer who tackled Gonzalez later told medical personnel. Officers McKinley, Leahy, and Fisher have been put on paid administrative leave as three separate inquiries into Mario Gonzalez’s death in custody are pending, according to KRON4.

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While no photos of the officers have been posted, the Alameda Police Department’s Facebook page shows recent appreciation posts for Officer Leahy and Officer McKinley.

Who Killed Mario Gonzalez?

The three officers seen in the video are veteran cops with several years on the force. Although Eric McKinley and Cameron Leahy have both been on the force for three years, James Fishes has ten years of experience and is the most experienced of the three.

Officers with the Alameda Police Department received separate reports of a man acting erratically and another potentially involved in a robbery about 10.45 a.m. on April 19. They were quickly dispatched to the 800 block of Oak Street, which had been identified as the location.

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