Who is Marilyn Hartman? Bio, Wiki, Age, Arrested, Serial Stowaway Full Details

Marilyn Hartman Bio/Wiki

Marilyn Jean Hartman, who has apparently been homeless for a long time, once made it all the way to London before being deported to the United States by British immigration authorities due to a lack of a passport.

While it is unclear what motivates her, the serial sneaker-on-to-planes has offered a range of questionable justifications for her high-flying exploits over the years.

According to The Guardian, Hartman has claimed to be the target of a global plot to intimidate her, allegedly led by former President Barack Obama.

She told in an email, “For 25 years, Barack Obama knew about my case and all that went wrong when the ruling came down against me, but chose not to do the right thing,”

Her monologues described a paranoid worldview in which every passing look from a stranger signaled the presence of a massive shadow army committed to bullying her for decades.


She is 69 years old.

Serial Stowaway Full Details

This week, Hartman returned in the headlines after she was caught on the flight at O’Hare International Airport, supposed to try to stowaway once more. What drives the continuing door-crusher is unknown.

Hartman, who has been allegedly homeless for a long time, has given a number of suspicious explanations over the years for her flying exploits.

She said that she was the target of a worldwide complot to threaten her, published in The Guardian in 2018, apparently led by former President Barack Obama.

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Hartman told the journal that she is suffering from a self-diagnosed mental disorder that she calls, “whistleblower trauma syndrome” that makes her “feel the need to get on a plane to go away.”

Hartman said she had been living with bipolar disorder in a recent interview with CBS2, a diagnosis she had previously resisted. When she made her stubborn attempts, she claimed she was sad.

Hartman said in 2002 her plane-hopping started.

She said to the outlet, “The first time I was able to to get through I flew to Copenhagen,”

“The second time I flew into Paris.”

However, she did not come to the attention of law enforcement until many years later.

Hartman was arrested in August 2014 at Los Angeles International Airport after flying from San Jose without a ticket and was charged with trespassing.

She flew from Minnesota to Florida six months later and was supposedly caught checking into an upscale hotel under a different person’s name. She was charged with impersonation fraud and other offenses.

Hartman arrived in London from Chicago in January of 2018. She was sentenced to 18 months of probation and mental health treatment, as well as being prohibited from entering any airport property without a valid airline ticket.

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She attempted to fly out of O’Hare again in October 2019 but was arrested while attempting to pass through security without a boarding pass or identification.

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