Who is Malik Halfacre? Bio, Wiki, Age, Shot Mother Of His Child Full Details, Investigations, Arrested

Malik Halfacre Bio/Wiki

Following a domestic dispute over the most recent stimulus check, an Indiana man named ‘Malik Halfacre’ shot his child’s mother and killed four of her family members, including her 7-year-old daughter, according to a relative and a neighbor.

Malik Halfacre, according to WXIN and WISH, is charged with murder, attempted murder, and robbery in connection with the quadruple homicide that occurred Saturday night at a home on North Randolph Street in Indianapolis, police said.


He is 25 years old.

Shot Mother Of His Child Full Details

Wendy Johnson told WXIN that her cousin, Jeanettrius Moore, and Halfacre, the father of Moore’s 6-month-old daughter, battled over a $1,400 stimulus check released as part of the federal government’s COVID-19 relief package on Friday.

According to Johnson, who is familiar with Moore’s account of the incident, “She had just gotten her money, and he wanted half of her money,”

Halfacre left after Moore offered him $450, vowing to “get that money,” according to Johnson.

Johnson told WXIN that when he returned to the house the next evening, he discovered Moore with family members. According to Johnson, Halfacre requested the money once more and began looking through Moore’s pocket.

Halfacre pulled out a gun and opened fire as the argument heated up, injuring Moore and killing her brother, Daquan Moore (23 years old), her mother, Tomeeka Brown (44 years old) her cousin, Anthony Johnson (35 years old) and her daughter, Eve Moore (7 years old), according to WXIN. According to Johnson, Halfacre then fled with the couple’s infant daughter, Malia.

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Jeanettrius Moore ran to his house and banged on the door, begging for help, according to neighbor Craig Jackson.

Jackson told the news station, “She was frantic.” “She was giggling uncontrollably. She was in excruciating pain. She said that her baby daddy shot her, as well as her mother and children. She claimed to be the only one who escaped.”

According to WISH, Jackson, who called 911, said Moore told him Halfacre shot her for “stimulus money.”

Thanks to ongoing community assistance, along with the amazing work of IMPD Homicide Detectives. An arrest was made in a…

Posted by IMPD News on Monday, 15 March 2021



According to the Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis police responded quickly and started looking for Halfacre. According to the journal, they also posted an Amber Alert for Malia, who was found healthy the next morning.

Halfacre was apprehended on Sunday evening after a standoff at a home in east Indianapolis, according to the Star.

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