Mairead Philpott (Killed Six Children in Fire) Biography: Wiki, Age, Freed From Jail

Who is Mairead Philpott? Mairead Philpott Bio/Wiki

In 2013, one year after her husband Mick and her friend Paul Mosley had killed their children in a house fire, Mairead Philpott, 39, was jailed for manslaughter.

Credit: thesun

The couple had planned to make the blaze look like an assault orchestrated by Lisa Willis, Mick’s mistress, who had recently left home with her kids.

They hoped the damage would also result in them having a larger Osmaston, Derby, council house.


She is 39 years old.

Killed Six Children in Fire Full Details


The Philpotts were unable to battle the flames and save their children after using petrol to start the fire. Jade, 10, John, 9, Jack, 8, Jesse, 6, and Jayden, 5, all died in the May 11 blaze, and Duwayne, 13, died in the hospital three days later.

Freed From Jail

Credit: SWNS: South West News Service

According to thesun in an arson attack that she and husband Mick plotted at their Derby home in 2012, Philpott’s kids died.

After only completing 81⁄2 years for manslaughter, she tasted freedom yesterday.


David Spencer of the Center for Crime Prevention said last night: “It makes an absolute mockery of the UK’s criminal justice system. Justice has not been done.

“Child killers like Mairead Philpott should not be free to roam the streets.

“She has served barely more than a year for each of the six innocent lives she callously took away.

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“She is back on the streets while the taxpayer coughs up for her to get a new identity, protection, ­counselling, and a place to live.

“The Home Secretary has promised a review of sentencing. This needs to be delivered urgently to ensure killers like Philpott serve the long sentences their horrific crimes deserve.”

Pauline Latham, Tory MP for mid-Derbyshire, added: “Mairead Philpott should be serving a whole life sentence instead of being freed halfway through it.”

She described the crime as “horrifying” and said that “it will never, ever be forgotten in Derby”

After Mick Philpott, 63, poured petrol on the floor of the Victory Roadhouse and set it on fire on 11 May the children were killed when Mairead talked to the emergency services.



It was an effort to frame his former lover, who also lived in the building, in an attempt to get custody of her children, prosecutors said.

Their defense argued that he did not intend to damage the kids, and it was a “plan that went disastrously wrong”

Mrs. Justice Thirlwall said in her sentencing remarks that it was obvious the fire was Mick Philpott’s scheme.

She said, however, that Mairead’s children died because she put her husband first. For his part in the killings, Mick, who was the father of five of the children, would serve a minimum sentence of 15 years in jail.

Mairead and Paul Mosley, a friend of the family who was both sentenced to 17 years, were both told that at least half of their terms would have to be completed.

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This is why it is now possible to free her.

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