Who is Lucy Toman? Bio, Wiki, Age, Saves Family From Toxic Gas

Lucy Toman Bio/Wiki

After observing that her family’s silver jewelry was becoming black due to poisonous fumes, a student named Lucy Toman saved their lives.

Lucy Toman and her parents Julia and David Toman were transported to the hospital after being rescued from their home in Helmdon, Northamptonshire.


She is 22 years old.

How Lucy Toman Saves Her Family From Toxic Gas?

According to the Mirror, experts later found that the family had been breathing air polluted with potentially fatal hydrogen sulfide.

The family had been living with “the smell of death” wafting throughout their home for two days, according to Julia.

The family initially assumed the foul odor came from the drains and even contacted pest control to see whether an infestation was to blame.

She said, “We cleared all the drains to make sure that it wasn’t a blockage and even had the oil boiler checked. We knew the smell was strongest in the garage.”

Lucy, who is now working and studying, found her silver jewelry had turned dark and corroded when she returned home after a shift.

Before Lucy, who studied A-level chemistry, remembered an old classroom lecture, the rotting odor became more intense. Hydrogen sulfide has a strong pong like rotting eggs and can oxidize silver jewelry, turning it black.

According to the Government’s Compendium of Chemical Hazards, hydrogen sulfide exposure generates a slew of scary symptoms that strike quickly and can kill a person in minutes.

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The compendium adds that high dosages of the chemical – which is inhaled – “may result in collapse, respiratory paralysis, cyanosis [blue lips], convulsions, coma, cardiac arrhythmias, and death within minutes.”

Lucy’s mother Julia said, “At this point, we knew that the gas could be toxic and called the fire service.”

“They were here for around seven hours.”

“There was two fire engines, two fire cars with toxic control people, two Anglian Water vans and an ambulance to check our blood oxygen levels and to do an ECG.”

Julia added, “Luckily we had such an amazing support system in the village, and were able to stay with friends in the area while they waited for the all clear.”

Despite the fact that they had been exposed to the very dangerous drug for 48 hours, blood tests at Horton Hospital came back negative, and they were given the green light.

They were unable to come home until all traces of the gas had been removed by professionals.

The Tomans have finally returned to their village and expressed their gratitude for the community’s assistance during their experience.

They’ve published the story to raise awareness so that other Britons be aware of the deadly chemical’s symptoms.

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