Who is Lucille Downer? Bio, Wiki, Age, Death By Neighbor’s Dogs Full Details

Lucille Downer Bio/Wiki

Lucille Downer, a woman identified by police, was mauled to death in her garden by dogs. On Good Friday at 3:20 p.m., the terrible incident occurred at her home in Rowley Regis, West Midlands.

Downer’s family allegedly attempted but failed to assist her.

The dogs’ trainer, on the other hand, was able to reintroduce them into his neighbor’s backyard. After an air ambulance landed in a nearby park, Downer was pronounced dead on the scene.

Downer was a single woman who lived alone in her apartment. Her family has also issued a statement in response to the incident.


She was 85 years old.

Death By Neighbor’s Dogs Full Details

Downer’s family said, “Lucille was a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who spent her working years as a cook at Bromford House Care Home in West Bromwich. Lucille was born in Jamaica and emigrated to the UK in her early 20s. Since arriving in the UK, Rowley Regis has always been her home and her family will miss her dearly.”

Witnesses, who claimed to be Downer’s neighbors, claimed to have seen the dogs drag Downer around the garden. On the victim’s driveway, neighbors left condolence notes. According to Express, a neighbor said, “I know she’s an old lady like myself and I know she’s called Lucille. It’s so horrible I feel so terrible about it all.”

A few shocked residents have reported seeing the two dogs being walked around the neighborhood and remarking that “they appeared well behaved.”

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At a press conference on Sunday, West Midlands Police Superintendent Phil Asquith said: “Neighbors called to report that a woman, 85 years of age, was under attack from dogs from a neighboring property,”

He added, “Our officers attended, by which point the dogs had returned through a hole in the fence to the adjacent property and then, unfortunately, despite the best efforts of medical professionals, that lady died at the scene.”

After being tranquilized, the two dogs were transported to safe kennels; it is unknown what would happen to them. In the meantime, a DNA test has been performed to determine the breed of the dogs.

Asquith said, “Fortunately, these types of incidents are rare. This presented no wider threat to the public. It was a hole in adjacent premises so they weren’t running in the streets.”

He continued, “It was contained and the male, 43, who owned those dogs was arrested yesterday. He has subsequently been bailed for further inquiries whilst we undertake a forensic post-mortem to determine the cause of death and to determine the breed of the dogs involved. They were two large dogs.”

“The DNA samples have to be taken to determine the specific breed under the Dangerous Dogs Act (to see if) they are specific breeds that are banned – and I can’t speculate as to whether or not they are banned dogs.”

“The dogs will have unfortunately carried out a fairly sustained attack so there were multiple injuries, mainly caused as a result of the delay in getting into the garden.”

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