Lucia DeClerck Biography: Wiki, Age, Beat Covid, Survives 2 Pandemics Details

Who is Lucia DeClerck? Lucia DeClerck Bio/Wiki

On her 105th birthday, one day after her second vaccine injection, Lucia DeClerck, the oldest resident of her New Jersey nursing home, tested positive for the virus.

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Lucia DeClerck has recently been receiving a lot of coverage. On January 25, she celebrated her 105th birthday-the same day she was diagnosed with COVID-19, reports CBS Philly.


She is 105 years old.

Survives 2 Pandemics Full Details

Credit: Twitter

Staff members at Mystic Meadows Recovery and Nursing Center in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey said DeClerck’s station was almost asymptomatic, but for 14 days it was in the COVID-19 section of the hospital.

Now, according to The New York Times, which also talked to DeClerck, she can call herself a COVID-19 survivor-the oldest one at the nursing home.

That means two pandemics have survived the Centennial. She was just two years old, living in Hawaii, The New York Times reports when the Spanish flu started. In addition, DeClerck survived two world wars and lived through the deaths of three of her husbands and one of her three sons.

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DeClerck’s daughter-in-law told CBS Philly that she is a person of compassion.

Lillie Jean Laws said, “She’s a very gentle person,”

According to the DeClerck’s son, Henry Laws III, said to the station, “She’s just been open with everything in life and I think that has really helped her because she hasn’t hesitated to do whatever she’s wanted to do,”

The bravery of DeClerck caught the attention of Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey, who called her directly, the Mystic Meadows staff told CBS Philly. The staff member said, “He was very congenial. He wanted to see how she was feeling, and he was so happy to see that she recovered well,”

When DeClerck was asked about her key to longevity, she said: “Pray, pray, pray.” And don’t eat fast food.’ But she told the Times that the nine gin-soaked golden raisins she eats every morning might be another reason she survived COVID-19.

Today, the special routine DeClerck swears by is taken up by her kin.

Shawn Laws O’Neil, said, Now, her family is taking up the unique regimen DeClerck swears by. “Now all of us are rushing out and getting Mason jars and yellow raisins and trying to catch up,”

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