Louise Giles (Killed Herself) Biography: Wiki, Age, Mum Of 7 Children, Investigation

Who is Louise Giles? Louise Giles Bio/Wiki

Louise Giles, 41, was thought to be a happy, bubbly mom before she took her own life in Reading, Berks when her husband was at work and her children were at school.


She was 41 years old.


Berkshire Coroner’s Court was told it was a normal Thursday morning for the Giles family, as his husband David took his children to school, wishing his wife a good day. But after hundreds of missed phone calls from her relatives, David began to worry and asked her neighbor to check on Louise.

After her body was discovered, more than 30 members of her family, including Megan’s children, Dylan and Shannon’s birthday girl, came outside, desperate to say their goodbyes.

Police officer Sasha Dawson said in a statement: “When I went outside, daughter Megan Giles, aged 18 to 20 years, was shouting and was very upset, I approached her and spoke to her.

“She was on the phone to her sister when several other members of the family arrived very distressed.

“Neighbours and extended family began to arrive, in the end, there were 30 to 40 people outside the home.”

The family said in a statement: “Louise Giles was a caring and loving wife, mother, daughter, and nanny.

“She always had a smile on her face and her seven children love her so much.”

Husband And Children

The children Dylan, Megan, and Shannon, along with husband David Giles and mom Liz Towner, were watching the inquest.

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They were all surprised to learn that Louise had secretly seen the GP a week before her death and had been diagnosed with depression.

Mr. Giles said the following: “We did not know about the disorder, we did not know anything about her going to see the GP.

“We went ice skating on the Sunday before her death, I saw no difference in her at all.

“I was with her all the time, the only time I was ever absent was when I was at work. We spent every evening together and at the weekends.”

Pathologist Fawaz Musa verified that Louise died on 30 January this year and was pronounced dead at 10.05 a.m.

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