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Louie Rankin Cause Of Death
Louie Rankin

Louie Rankin Bio

In the 1998 film “Belly” and Teddy Bruckshut in Shotta, Louie Rankin (born Leonard Forbes) was a Jamaican Grammy-winning dancehall reggae artist and the best-known actor playing “Ox.” He died in a highway accident in Canada on September 30th, 2019.

He grew up in Jamaica and attended secondary school in Trinitvyille before entertainment. He lived several years in Toronto and became a enormous fan of the Toronto Raptors. He performed in the United States, Canada and around the world during his music career.

Louie Rankin Age

Louie Rankin
Born in 1963 in St. Thomas, Jamaica, Louie grew up in Rockfort, Warika Hill, and East Kingston. He was 55 Years old

Louie Rankin Wife And Children

30-year-old wife survives. He spoke about his spouse in 2014 during an interview with Tallawah Magazine where he said she was nice and saw him through grinding and fighting.

“My wife is good, man, that’s why I’ve been with her all this time. She is a Jamaican, and she knows where I’m coming from. She saw me go through the grind and the struggle. She’s always there; she accepts it. A lot of times when I go out, women go crazy over me, but she doesn’t mind that. She already knows she’s The One. She knows her place. So I love Her”

Louie Rankin have 7 Children

Louie Rankin Jamaican Actor

In 1998, Rankin had his first part as Lennox in the Belly film. He starred in the movie Shottas as Teddy Bruck Shut in 2002 and in the movie We Run These Streets as Choppa in 2014. Rankin starred as Leroy Lucky Johnson in 2015 and created the Rainbow City movie as an associate. He also starred in the brief Q of 2015 as Radigan.

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Louie Rankin Net worth

Rankin’s net worth was estimated at $1 million.

Louie Rankin Songs Name

  1. Typewriter
  2. The Muscle
  3. The Sting
  4. Monster Move
  5. Don Doc
  6. Put on Your Negligee
  7. Don Dadda
  8. Poison
  9. Lethal Weapon
  10. Jamaica
  11. Bed Talk

Louie Rankin Cause Of Death

Following a car crash involving a transportation truck in Ontario, Canada, Louie died on September 30, 2019, according to TMZ. There are few details about the accident.

According to Global News, a passenger vehicle and a transport truck were engaged in the crash and took place on Highway 89 at 4th Line and County Road 12.

Shannon Gordanier, police officer at Dufferin Ontario, told Global News,

“We got the call at 9:17 a.m. this morning. Both vehicles were single occupants – one person in each vehicle. We’re waiting for the traffic collision investigation team to attend the location and help us determine exactly what did happen. We’re not speculating at this time.”

Louie Rankin Tributes

On Instagram, Popcaan, a dancehall artist, wrote

“Legends don’t die!!!! It is very unfortunate what happen to you fam … but god knows best.. rest up fada Louie your memories are forever..!!! @louie_rankin.”

Mikah Kemet Lambz wrote on Facebook

“So shocked to Learn this news It was a blissing to have reasoned and chilled with the Original Don Dadda Louie OX Rankin!!
Truly a Star!! You will be truly missed! You will always be the Original!! Forever RISE in Power!!,”

Jordan Detlor said,

“Rest In Paradise Louie OX Rankin… I never met a man with such a Huge Heart and So much Genuine Respect for His Family / Friends and anyone he met. Everyone that knows OX aka Teddy Bruckshot aka The General aka The Original Don Dada…. KNOWS…. He was a REAL ONE and will be Greatly Missed.. He Blessed EVERYONE he encountered with his positive energy and Realness. Grateful to of been able to experience his humbling presence first hand.”

Louie Rankin Instagram

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