Logan Walsh (Deadly Illness) Biography: Wiki, Age, Linked To Covid Full Details

Who is Logan Walsh? Logan Walsh Bio/Wiki

In intensive care, a 7-year-old boy named ‘Logan Walsh‘ is battling a rare disease thought to be related to covid-19.

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Six weeks after contracting the new coronavirus, Logan Walsh needed to be hospitalized because he was diagnosed with Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome.


He is 7 years old and his mum Jessica Walsh is 43 years old.

Deadly Illness Linked To Covid Full Details

Picture: BPM MEDIA

The disease induces organ dysfunction, skin blisters, and heart murmurs, according to the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health. However, in most children that are infected, it is rare and does not manifest itself.

In November 2020, Jessica Walsh and her son tested positive for covid-19, and the boy initially displayed no signs of the virus or syndrome.

It was only in mid-December, nearly two months after the diagnosis, that Logan started vomiting fever that she had to call an ambulance.

The boy also had swollen hands and feet and a rash on his body, in addition to the malaise. Logan developed a heart murmur, according to the mother, and needed to be moved to an Incentive Treatment Facility (ICU).

Picture: BPM MEDIA

His body began to swell during the seven days he was hospitalized and his blood became “worryingly thin” Logan recovered and was released on Christmas Day to begin treatment at home, despite the severity of the case.

According to the mother, in addition to medicine, the child was required to start physiotherapy sessions to regain movement. Jessica saw the hands and feet of her son begin to swell, along with the beginnings of a rash.

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The decision was taken to call an ambulance after speaking with the family GP. According to the mirror, Jessica said: “They go on all the time about how this pandemic only affects the elderly and often say it doesn’t seem to affect children.

“Paramedics arrived, checking the rash wasn’t meningitis, checking the usual observations, but (they) all came back normal. They were concerned he hadn’t had a wee in over 12 hours, and told us if he hadn’t gone by the evening, to take him to A&E.”

She added: “It wasn’t until a specialist came did we hear about PIMS-TS.

“He had been complaining of hurting and of having a headache and with the rash, we were terrified.

“The specialist said he had treated lots of kids with this illness over the course of the pandemic, and Logan began treatment for the PIMS-TS straight away.

“It was a form of steroid treatment, and we had to stay in for seven days. The doctors told me they were seeing children and teenagers who had already had Covid-19, showing no symptoms when they had it and then coming in later, just like Logan.

“The syndrome is known to attack organs, with the heart being the main one. As his joints and muscles had swollen, Logan now requires physio to help with rehabilitation, and to walk again. Thankfully, the initial treatment eventually got his condition under control.

“When this first began happening, not all doctors were able to recognise it, and the link in the condition to Covid-19 is only just starting to be taken seriously.

“Thankfully Logan is recovering slowly, and made it home on Christmas Day.


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