Liu Kai-chi Biography: Wiki, Age, Wife, Children, Career, Death Cause

Who is Liu Kai-chi? Liu Kai-chi Bio/Wiki

Dick Liu Kai-chi was a Hong Kong actor, best known for his “everyman” supporting roles. He was born on 7 April 1954 in British Hong Kong.

He worked for TVB, Hong Kong’s first over-the-air commercial channel, for 25 years but did not renew his contract in 2005.

It was confirmed in March 2021 that Liu had gastric cancer Liu’s wife, Chan Man-yee, responded to a media interview to confirm that Liu had been diagnosed with gastric cancer after discovering the condition in December 2020 and that he would have to take time off work for treatment.

On the night of March 28th, he died of gastric cancer in Prince of Wales Hospital, surrounded by his loved ones.


He was 66 years old.


Money Chan Man-yee is the wife of Liu Kai-chi.


They both have 3 sons.


While Liu had an early interest in acting, he first gained industry experience working behind the scenes as a camera assistant, lighting technician, and sound engineer before following his dream of becoming an actor.

A public poll chose two drama productions from the Hong Kong Television Network for their online launch on November 19, 2014.

Both dramas The Election and The Borderline cast Liu in a leading role.

Death Cause

According to the Celeb Death Cause, He died of gastric cancer.

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