Who is Lisa Tranel? Bio, Wiki, Age, TikTok, Looks Like Rachel Green

Lisa Tranel? Bio, Wiki

After going popular for her Rachel Green impression, TikTok user Lisa Tranel, aka @she_plusthree, has “Friends” fans doing a double-take, leaving followers in amazement of her similarity to actress Jennifer Aniston.

Tranel speaks phrases from Green from a 1997 episode in the viral video. She said, “The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister.”

“I want to quit, but then I think I should stick it out. Then, I think why would such a person stay in such a demeaning job just because it’s remotely related to the field they are interested in,”

@she_plusthreeYou know what I mean?♬ original sound – Friends


Lisa turned 30 on December 11, 2017, making her 34 years old, according to a birthday post.

Looks Like Rachel Green Full Video

On the video-sharing app, she currently has over 156,000 followers and 1.5 million likes.

Lisa shared a video of herself lip-syncing to popular audio of Rachel from the hit TV show Friends after receiving countless comments comparing her beauty to American actress Jennifer Aniston. The viral video has over 3.3 million views and over 500,000 likes, as well as a comment area full of surprised users.

Over 80,000 people liked @allie sing’s comment, which read: “I actually thought it was Jennifer Anniston. Wow!!”

Lisa Tranel TikTok

More information about the look-alike can be found on Lisa Tranel’s Facebook page.

Tranel works as the General Manager of Strech Zone Southlake, a company that caters to customers looking for a competitive edge in sports or who are suffering from a limited range of motion, chronic discomfort, or inflexibility. Lisa is originally from Altus, Oklahoma, but now resides in Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood.

@she_plusthreeOver it ##singlelife♬ Credit Parker James – Ally and Nikki

Lisa used to share humorous content involving her family and friends on her TikTok account before she became an internet sensation. Her children would also appear in amusing videos on the internet. In addition, @she_plusthree has previously shared a number of fitness videos in which she can be seen working out in the gym.

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Lisa Tranel Instagram

@she_plusthree now has over 11,000 Instagram followers.


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Lisa acknowledged the viral TikTok video in her Instagram story on July 3rd, and added: “For the record, I don’t really feel like I look like Jennifer Aniston and my family really doesn’t either”

Users have also made comparisons between her and the actress in comments on other Instagram posts. Lisa’s Instagram, with its 917 postings, offers even more insight into her life.

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