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Lindsey Abbuhl Bio/Wiki

In Ohio, an 11-year-old girl was placed in foster care after her mother pretended to be terminally ill in order to collect funds and secure freebies. Lindsey Abbuhl told her Canton, Ohio, community that her 11-year-old daughter Rylee Abbuhl was suffering from a terminal illness caused by a malfunctioning central nervous system.

Since learning she had an incurable neurological condition that could cause her central nervous system to fail, Rylee had been working with a psychologist for the past three years to “process her own death.”

Rylee was honored at charity functions, and the mother-daughter pair also received free SeaWorld tickets. In addition, a friend’s GoFundMe page raised $4,500.


Lindsey Abbuhl is 34 years old and her daughter Rylee Abbuhl is 11 years old.

Faked Daughter’s Illness For Donations Full

She started fundraising for living and medical expenses three years ago, taking Rylee to the doctors on a regular basis and telling her she was dying.

In Rylee’s honor, charity activities were organized, and the couple was given free tickets to Sea World. They were honored as guests of honor at a Texas A&M softball game, and a friend’s GoFundMe raised $4,500. Rylee went so far as to ask her friends to be pallbearers at her funeral.

A court announced on Friday that no signs of disease had been discovered. Lindsey “has been using Rylee’s’medical condition’ to secure money for trips, lodging, and other expenses for the past few years,” according to a neglect and abuse lawsuit lodged by Children Services in Family Court.

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The shocking news caused the Stark County Sheriff’s Office to take Rylee away from her mother and launch an investigation into claims that Abbuhl used her daughter for personal gain.

Who Is Lindsey Abbuhl’s Daughter Rylee Abbuhl?

Lindsey and Jamie Abbuhl have a daughter named Rylee. Jamie, who divorced Lindsey in 2017, was the one who first raised the alarm. The story began when Lindsey began informing friends and neighbors that her home-schooled daughter was sick.

According to the Daily Mail, Lindsey had previously claimed to have a brain tumor and had even interviewed families interested in adopting Rylee after her death. Since the family appeared to be beset by bad luck, she would document her daughter’s hospital visits on social media. She posted, “This little lady is my best friend! Continue to say prayers for her as we navigate through her medical concerns,”

Is Lindsey Abbuhl Has Been Charged?

After temporarily placing Rylee with a family friend, a Stark County Family Court Judge placed her with her father, Jamie Abbuhl, who had been worried about his ex-allegations wife’s about their daughter. Lindsey Abbuhl has been cleared of all charges.

Who Is Rylee Abbuhl’s Father?

Jamie Abbuhl is the father of Rylee Abbuhl.

Jamie Abbuhl told the Repository, “If she needed my heart, I’d give it to her today,”

“As far as her going to die… no.”

On Saturday, Abbuhl did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Daily Beast.

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Her mom told FOX 8, “Her doctors were concerned that the sport was a little bit too physical for her with her medical condition. So we had to make the tough decision last year that she was going to walk away and not be able to play anymore,”

Abbuhl often shared updates on her daughter’s condition, as well as fundraisers to assist with expenses, on social media. She references Rylee’s hospital stays in several entries. Abbuhl wrote in a Facebook post, “I’m looking for a place for a party, that doesn’t have restrictions of the amount of people due to covid. We want to make Rylee’s birthday party super special this year – and need room to have all of her family, friends and supporters there.”

Rylee will now live with her father until the end of the month, where she will face a judge. Lindsey was given full custody after her 2017 divorce, but Stark County Family Court Judge Rosemarie Hall had to overturn the custody arrangement on Friday.

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