Lin Qi (Yoozoo Games CEO Dies At 39) Biography: Wiki, Age, Career, Death Cause

Who is Lin Qi? Lin Qi Bio/Wiki

On December 16, Lin Qi, the chairman of the Chinese company Yoozoo Group was poisoned. His co-worker was named by local media as the principal suspect. Producer Lin Qi of Netflix’s The Three-Body Dilemma has died. He was also the chairman of Yoozoo Group, a Chinese corporation, was allegedly poisoned by his colleague, according to reports.

A senior executive at Yoozoo, Xu Yao, has been reported by Chinese media outlets as targeting Lin after an internal dispute within the growing group.


He was 39 years old.


He collaborated with David Benioff and D.B., the developers of Game of Thrones. Weiss in the production of the widely awaited initiative.

The Three-Body series, written by celebrated Chinese author Liu Cixin, has emerged as a best-selling global phenomenon and received a series of high-profile awards. Yoozoo is also mainly a software developer, creating a video game focused on Game of Thrones.

After Lin’s initial hospitalization, shares of the company fell by as much as 18 percent. The plot of Liu focuses on the first interaction between mankind and an alien civilization, it became the first Asian novel to win a Hugo Award in 2015. The television project is a long-awaited transition among book fans, but when it was first revealed, it also sparked fears among U.S. lawmakers.

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As the first Asian novel to win a Hugo Award for Best Novel, the trilogy also made history.

Yoozoo Group and its affiliated Three-Body Universe had previously acquired the rights to adapt the books in 2015, and Netflix subsequently acquired the English-language version.

Death Cause

Yoozoo confirmed that on Friday, December 25, Mr. Lin, the founder, chairman, and top shareholder, died without providing a clear reason.

Recently, after experiencing pain, he entered the hospital and his condition was “stable,” the Shanghai-based company said in a statement two days ago. In a social media post on December 23, Shanghai police said that a 39-year-old man with Lin’s last name was reportedly poisoned and that a suspect was arrested in the middle of the investigation.

Yoozoo also referred to as Youzu Interactive Co, has released titles that include “Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming”.

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