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Leo Molloy NZ Bio/Wiki

For intentionally flouting a High Court suppression order and calling Grace Millane’s murderer online, Auckland restaurateur Leo Molloy was found guilty, fined, and ordered to complete community service.

After multiple suppression violations before and after the high-profile murder trial of Jesse Kempson in November 2019, the owner of HeadQuarters in the Viaduct was the first and to date the only person to be prosecuted by New Zealand police.


He is 64 years old.

Fined $15,000 Full Details

However, before Kempson was identified, Molloy took it upon himself to inform others of the killer’s identity.

Last year, Molloy, a licensed veterinarian, pleaded guilty to violating the Criminal Procedure Act’s suppression provisions intentionally or recklessly.

Judge Peter Winter of the Auckland District Court sentenced the businessman, who was dressed in a pink blazer, to 150 hours of community service and a $15,000 fine today.

According to the judge, Molloy’s “blatant violation” could jeopardize Kempson’s victims’ ability to obtain justice in the ensuing two courts. He said Molloy seemed to have a concerted intention to make public the fact that Kempson was facing additional allegations. Molloy’s counsel, David Jones QC, had asked for a discharge without conviction so that his client could keep his veterinarian and bartending licenses and travel abroad.

Neither Molloy nor Jones will comment on whether the verdict could be overturned on appeal.

Who is Grace Millane?

Grace, 21, was murdered by Jesse Shane Kempson, whom she met on a Tinder date in Auckland’s CBD, sometime between December 1 and 2, 2018.

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The killer’s identity was kept hidden until December 22, 2020, when the Supreme Court ruled that he could be identified after he was convicted of more sexual and violent crimes against two women.

Who is Leo Molloy’s Wife?

His wife’s name is currently unknown.

Leo Molloy and his sister, an Auckland bar owner, have lost a legal fight with his ex-wife over the trademark Fokker Brothers.

According to the document, Molloy and his ex-wife Ingrid Molloy registered the name Fokker Brothers for use by their firm, Fokker Brothers Limited (FBL).

Leo Molloy and his sister, an Auckland bar owner, have lost a legal fight with his ex-wife over the trademark Fokker Brothers.

What is Leo Molloy Net Worth?

Officially, his net worth is not confirmed. But approximately his Net Worth worth is $10m–$30m.

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