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Leah Kinyon Bio/Wiki

Leah Kinyon is a former high school teacher from Lehi, Utah, who was caught on camera in a viral video advising pupils to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine while also denouncing President Donald Trump.

In a video filmed by a student and provided with FOX 13 by his mother, Judy Storms, chemistry teacher Leah Kinyon discussed COVID vaccines, former President Donald Trump, and the intellect of students’ parents.


She is around 35-38 years old.

Viral Video

Following the release of the video, Kinyon was immediately placed on leave, with district officials stating that an inquiry will be conducted.

Alpine school officials stated Kinyon was no longer employed by the district following the probe on Wednesday morning. According to fox13now.com In a statement, the district said, “Alpine School District has concluded our investigation of the incident that occured (sic) on August 17, 2021 at Lehi High School. Although the details of a personnel investigation are confidential, the teacher involved is no longer an employee of Alpine School District,”

Kinyon’s taped statements have made headlines across the country as she speaks at length about a variety of topics. Kinyon told in the video, “I would be super proud of you if you chose to get the vaccine,”

“We’ll just keep getting variants over and over until people get vaccinated… It could end in five seconds if people would get vaccinated.”

While making the remarks, the teacher was not wearing a mask. She also spoke out against former President Donald Trump. She added, “This is my classroom, and if you guys are going to put me at risk, you’re going to hear about it,”

“Because I have to be here. I don’t have to be happy about the fact that there’s kids coming in here with their variants that could possibly get me or my family sick. That’s rude, and I’m not going to pretend like it’s not.”

She continued, “I hate Donald Trump. I’m going to say it. I don’t care what y’all think — Trump sucks,” “Don’t tattle on me to the freakin’ admin; they don’t give a crap.

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At least one student can be heard disputing with the teacher, though what the student said is unclear. Kinyon responds, saying, “You can believe what you want to believe, but keep it quiet in here because I’m probably going to make fun of you.”

As the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance adviser, Kinyon also told her class that homophobia would not be tolerated.

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