Who is Laurie Bostic? Bio, Wiki, Age, Rockwall, Joining Parade Without Permission

Laurie Bostic Bio/Wiki

According to a report, a tractor-driving Texas woman named Laurie Bostic was arrested on Saturday after reportedly driving the big vehicle onto a Fourth of July parade route without permission.

Laurie Bostic is accused of creating a ruckus at Saturday’s parade in Rockwall, according to Fox 4, quoting police.


She is 61 years old.

Joining 4th July Parade Without Permission Full Details

Laurie Bostic was reported to be causing a disturbance while operating a tractor in the Rockwall 4th of July Parade staging area near Utley Middle School around 11:30 a.m.

Bostic allegedly participated in the event without permission and refused to cooperate with police and officials who said she drove dangerously throughout the course. Bostic was not permitted to march in the parade, but she refused to cooperate with parade officials and officers, according to police and decided to march anyway.

According to the report, Bostic refused to pull over for authorities at one point and smashed into a fence before being apprehended. She was driving carelessly and refusing commands from cops, according to police, who attempted to pull her over while driving her tractor, but she refused to stop.


She’s accused of evading arrest, disorderly behavior, criminal mischief, and interfering with a procession.

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