Who is Lauren Ashley Baker? Bio, Wiki, Age, Murdered 2-Year-Old Son, Charges, Investigation Full Details

Lauren Ashley Baker Bio/Wiki

Lauren Ashley Baker is a native of Ludlow, Kentucky. She was charged with murder after buying fentanyl and leaving it in her purse, where it was readily accessible to her child. After she took a shot of fentanyl and fell asleep in their northern Kentucky home, her two-year-old son ate the fentanyl from her purse.

According to WCPO, when the boy’s father returned home, he discovered his child was not breathing. According to WCPO, officers and fire crews from the Ludlow Police Department responded to a 911 call on Stokesay Street in Ludlow at around 3.44 p.m. on March 18.

The child was rushed to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital after first responders discovered he had gone into respiratory arrest, where he was pronounced dead.


She is 33 years old and her son was 2 years old.

Murdered 2-Year-Old Son Full Details

After taking a shot, Baker slept with the drug fentanyl in her bag. The small child discovered and ingested the drug allegedly purchased with Baker’s stimulus check.

After the boy’s father arrived home, Baker allegedly awoke to find their son not breathing. She’s been charged with murder since then.

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The toddler had been at home with his mother, 33-year-old Lauren Ashley Baker, according to the investigation.

According to the police report, Baker confessed to receiving fentanyl from Cincinnati, Ohio last Saturday with money from her stimulus check. She took it back to Ludlow and shared it with two people, according to the police.


According to police, the woman charged with the murder of her son turned over the fentanyl that was still in her purse to the police. The same substance was discovered on the bed, and an empty Narcan package was also discovered.

Baker admitted to purchasing the highly addictive drug on Saturday, March 13 in Cincinnati, Ohio, according to police. She had spent money from one of the stimulus checks she had received.

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