Who is Landon Melvin? Bio, Wiki, Age, Finds $5,000 Full Details

Landon Melvin Bio/Wiki

According to a report, a 9-year-old Indiana boy named Landon Melvin discovered $5,000 while cleaning out his father’s SUV and was able to keep $1,000 for himself.

According to WRTV, Landon Melvin discovered the cash stuffed in an envelope under the floorboard of his father’s Chevy Suburban, which the family bought used last September.


He is 9 years old.

How He Finds $5,000 Full Details

Michael Melvin, the youngster’s parent, was informed of the discovery. Initially, the father was suspicious, believing that the box contained paperwork.

When they later opened it up, however, the father was shocked by what he saw. Michael told the news station, “I start calling my wife, ‘Hey, babe, you got to check this out!’”

“And that’s when we dump it on the bed and money falls over the bed.”

The money was traced back to the car’s previous owners by the family.

The family promised the Melvins they would not return the money unless Landon could keep $1,000 as a reward for his discovery. Landon said, “I’m thinking of all the things I can buy,”

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