Who is Ladonia Boggs? Bio, Wiki, Age, Charged With Murder Full Details

Ladonia Boggs Bio/Wiki

D.C. police said the mother (named Ladonia Boggs) of a 2-month-old boy who went missing from the city last week was arrested and charged with murder on Friday afternoon.

According to a video obtained by News4, LaDonia Boggs said that her son died and that she disposed of his body. Kyon Jones stopped breathing while in bed with his girlfriend, LaDonia Boggs, according to a video captured by D.C. missing-persons advocate Henderson Long.


She is 37 years old.

Charged With Murder Full Details

Boggs found Kyon, a two-month-old baby, unresponsive after falling asleep with him on her stomach, she said in a video released by Washington D.C.’s missing-persons advocate Henderson Long.

She is seen telling the news reporter, “The last thing that I remember was that I had rolled over, and he was on my chest,”

“After that, when I was ‘sleep, rolled over, noticed he was unresponsive — breathing — and I panicked.”

“He was ‘sleep on my chest and when I woke up. He wasn’t breathing anymore because he was just that small.”

Boggs went on to state that she noticed her son’s breathing had stopped. Boggs said she was scared and spoke with a woman who had inquired about Kyon’s whereabouts over the phone and then in person.

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Boggs told the reporter that she became “frustrated” and went home after walking around the block. Boggs then took Kyon’s blanket and car seat, stuffed him in it, and tossed it in the garbage.

She said, “I came back in the house and got a blanket and his car seat, and wrapped it up and took it outside and just throwed it in the trash,”

Boggs said in the video that she had no idea where the baby’s body was.

The boy’s body had not been found in a landfill in Charles County, but Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee III told WTTG that he was optimistic that “just maybe this child is somewhere out there.”

According to WRC, police searched Boggs’ home as part of their inquiry.


Kyon was reported missing two days after he was last seen at the residence on May 7.

On Friday, the mother was charged with murder, a day after police ended their search of a Virginia landfill.

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