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Kristian Haggerty Bio

Kristian Haggerty is a model and actress set to make her debut on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6. She is set to be paired with Demi Burnett who, before filming the show, opened up a woman’s dating to Bachelor in Paradise viewers. Burnett sat down at the 2019 BIP premiere with friend Hannah Brown and spoke about her willingness to explore her choices on the show.

From a young era, as per her website, Kristian Haggerty was a model and actress. She is a Stetson University graduate and in 2018 she finished an improv program at the Second City Training Center. Her work at LinkedIn is mentioned at LightWork Software as a sales consultant

In her bio, Kristian claims she is “interested in assistant positions in production and 2nd assistant director roles. She is also interested in acting for movie, commercial, video, television, live activities and hosting possibilities. “Her experience dates back just a few months, but she has worked for a few manufacturing firms.







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Kristian Haggerty Presidedover the Marriage of Her Two Gay Friends

A look at her Instagram account reveals that she played a minister’s role in her two best friends ‘ marriage most recently. She wrote in the post; “We shared our tales of doubts, loneliness, bravery, recognition, liberty, and most importantly the help and love we experienced when we were homosexual on our travels. We shared the importance of continuing to fight for love and justice in order to make such times possible, “she wrote in a post.







Words truly can’t describe the overflow of love, tears and laughter that was shared on this beautiful, rainy day in Palm Springs. It was an absolute honor to marry my two best friends. We shared our stories of doubts, loneliness, courage, acceptance, freedom and most importantly the support and love we’ve encountered on our journeys being gay. We shared how important it is to continue to fight for love and justice to make moments such as these possible. So thank you, thank you to all the people in our lives that have been there for each of us through all the highs and lows. Thank you to all the people who have gone before us to fight for justice throughout history. And thank you Ry and Joe for being my forever family @ryanarthurwright. Family is the community we create and I’m blessed to have these men in my life for eternity. Love conquers ALL. #mrwrights #loveisloveislove #🌈 📷: @mollymcphoto 💄: @therainbowwife
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Demi Burnett & Kristian Haggerty

Kristian Haggerty and Demi Burnett mer through friend, Catherine who was a Colton Undewood contestant, The Bachelor, Season 23. For taking her dog and giving it to Colton Underwood Bachelor, is Catherine remebered? She and Demi turn out to be friends, and that’s how the two met.

Demi goes out as a bisexual during the show and takes Kristian to the show afterwards. Before the show, Demi spoke to manufacturers, so it was a conscious choice between them — not a gotcha moment, in other words. The show didn’t have a franchise pair of the same sex, so this is EPIC.

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Demi Burnett coupled with Peth was one of the show’s more consistent couples, but it doesn’t last. In an episode about having a girlfriend before, Burnett opened up to Peth, but she assured him that it wouldn’t impact her connection with him.

Burnett later says to Peth, according to Entertainment Tonight, “You know I told you about the girl back home. I really believe a lot about her, and I feel so much about her. And for you too, I have so many emotions. And I’m so upset about that.”

Peth then says,

“It’s OK to not know how you feel … But I’m not giving up now. I want you in my life.” “Me too,” Burnett replies.

Kristian captioned the photo,

“The one thing missing to complete a perfect weekend ,” so that’s a pretty clear indication of her feelings.






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