Who is Kinzleigh Reeder? Bio, Wiki, Age, Missing, Found, Father

Kinzleigh Reeder Bio/Wiki

According to investigators in DeKalb County, Tennessee, a girl named Kinzleigh Reeder who had been missing for a month was discovered in an outbuilding with no ventilation, little food or drink, and a pail to use as a toilet.

Kinzleigh Reeder was last seen by family members on May 26. DeKalb County Sheriff Patrick Ray said agencies from all across Middle Tennessee spent hours searching for her.


Kinzleigh Reeder is 6 years old.

Who is Kinzleigh Reeder’s, Father Nicholas Reeder?

Kinzleigh had been taken from her father, Nicholas Reeder, custody after the two were discovered camping out beneath a bridge in rising creek water on March 18 at Dry Creek and Pea Ridge Road, according to Sheriff Ray.

Kinzleigh was placed in the temporary custody of a family member after he was arrested on a charge of child abuse and neglect. Reeder was later allowed to live with his daughter by the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

Kinzleigh Reeder Found

After being granted custody of Kinzleigh, DCS contacted the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office on June 21 to submit a missing child report. They were unable to locate the 6-year-old, who had not been seen since May 26, according to a family member.

According to detectives, a bloodhound from the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office discovered a scent Friday evening that led to an outbuilding on Reeder’s property.

The door to the outbuilding had been barred, the windows had been covered with metal, and Reeder and his daughter were inside, according to Sheriff Ray.

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The sheriff disclosed that the little outbuilding had no ventilation or air conditioning, that the youngster had little food or water, and that the outbuilding “had a strong ammonia smell” because the two had been using a five-gallon bucket as a bathroom.

Nicholas Reeder Is Arrested

On a charge of child abuse or neglect, Nicholas Reeder was arrested and put into the DeKalb County jail. He was also wanted for failing to appear and interfering with a person’s custody.

Reeder’s bond was set at $175,000. Kinzleigh was handed up to the Tennessee Department of Children and Family Services.

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